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We have a confession to make.We are not the best at Movie breakdowns & insights.In fact, nowhere near it too.But hey, we have started! And that's what matters, right?

Now don't get started about being busy.We strongly believe that if you really love something or someone, you will give them time.Period.

Go through our Film Reviews & Content, heart it if you like it and be kind enough to leave a comment if you love it.

Whew!! The pep talk was nice, right? But you know what would be nicer?

Clicking on the rectangle below and checking out what we have done.

Pranay Sarepaka

Laid back, Happy go lucky, and neophile

Girish Sanaka

Passionate about Life, Learner forever, and Energetic

Ganapathy P.

Supportive, Creative, and Grounded

Sai Kumar M.

Aspirational, dancer, and movie fanatic

Nikhil Krishna M.

Witty, Sportive, and Rational

Irfan Shaik

Positive outlook, Self - motivated, and impressively unique

Praveen Reddy G.

Calisthenic personality, Action fanatic, and Vibrant

Arun Sai P.

Music buff, breathes Telugu, Budding Genome expert

Celluloid Tales is a Film review website. We are not professional movie critics but cinema is part of our lifestyle. This love makes us write about cinema. Read about film reviews, movie breakdowns, and curated insights about cinema, web series and other OTT content.

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