1. The Sweet Confusion, (Rose Day Tribute)

Often, when we are at the verge of falling in love, confusion is our constant companion. The mind doesn’t stay at a place and there would be serious concentration lapse. It would always be reeling in the sweet thoughts of our fiancée and it takes hell lot of effort to get them out of mind and concentrate on work. The oft-repeated thoughts during this phase are “Why is life so beautiful?”, “Why am I not able to control my thoughts?”, “Why his/her thoughts are not leaving me?”, “Why that?”, “Why this?” and so on…..

To bring out this magical confusion in a musical way, celluloid tales has a specially curated playlist only for you. The advantages of this playlist are:

1. If you are in this situation, this is for you.

2. If you have crossed this stage, the playlist reminds you of that sweet stage.

3. If you broke up already, this is a reminder that all those feelings are just a play of hormones :D, and they are not real.

Every Playlist will be capped with a song for singles, for they are not bothered by all these things. They are already aware of the fact that Solo life is so better :D(We are proud singles and also understand the feelings of other singles during this week. :p)

The playlist a mixed bag of songs. You get everything from retro to ultra-modern songs. We are trying to cover as many languages as possible. So if you are reading this post, please do suggest some songs and earn S.C. (Suggestion credits).

1. The first question that occurs to our minds if we are in this stage, "What happened to me?". The same question is raised in this song. If you are the retro person, who is a die-hard fan of Maestro melodies, this song is for you. This is a typical Ilayaraja composition (Though there is nothing typical about Maestro :D!) S.P. Balasubramaniam and S. Janaki amma put so much feeling into this song, it just takes us back to that era. "Arey Emaindhi" from Aaradhana.

2. After we acknowledge this confusion, the next thought that immediately strikes us is "Is this love?" Well, the answer lies here. We are proud that even our song of the current week falls into this category. In this song, it is written that love is such an agony after looking at our fiancée. :D “Kaadhalendral perum avasthai endru ,unai kandadhum kandu kondaen: I realised that love is agony after I saw you.”

Ennavale adi Ennavale” from Kadhalan.

3. Though it feels crazy, this confusion is still sweet right? That's precisely why we choose to live with it rather than clear it. To depict that sweetness,we have this wonderful song sung by Shankar Mahadevan in Telugu. This song is a tribute to the yesteryear music director Chakri sir, such a beautiful composition this, “Madhurame Madhurame” from Satyam.

4. Whatver may be the thought, there is only one face that is imprinted on our heart, the face of our dear one. We just can't erase that face from the vision of our inner eye. Now we have this beautiful composition from Om Shanti Om movie, composed by Vishal-Shekhar and sung by KK. This song was a huge hit (in fact the whole album). Such a soothing melody it is! Surely worth a repeat. “Ankhon me Teri” from Om Shanti Om.

5. Then there is one more Tamil song in our playlist, which is a soothing melody from the movie Ko (Rangam in Telugu). The lyrics actually describe the confusion. Such a soothing tune coupled with wonderful instrumentation and simple percussion. The picturization is also awesome. "Ennamo Edho" from Ko ("Yenduko Emo" from Rangam).

6. Couple that craziness with the energy of youth and Viola! you get something like this song. This song has created records on YouTube. Ya, confusion and craziness are twins, right? Stay tuned for "Ramulo Ramula" from Ala Vaikuntapuramlo

7. Singles tribute: Battameez dil from Yeh Jawaani Hai Deewani.

For your convenience, all these songs are added to a single playlist on Youtube. Tune in and enjoy the magic.

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