10 offbeat International movies currently streaming

While audiences like us love mainstream cinema of all kinds, 1 out of 10 movies you watch must definitely be an offbeat movie. Offbeat movies pursue unique streams of thought and perspectives on the world around us. The makers' eyes see something stranger than fiction in the reality of our life.

So, to let your thoughts broaden and your perspectives widen, watch these 10 offbeat movies streaming on Netflix currently.

The Platform

The Platform is a European Spanish movie directed by Galder Gaztelu Urrutia. The basic premise of the movie is about a prison in which a slab of food descends floor by floor. Each floor houses only 2 inmates, the slab waits for a couple of minutes on each floor and you are supposed to finish eating by then. If anyone tries storing the food then both the inmates of that floor are killed. The writers end up telling us a note on capitalism and even the deepest truths of life enshrined in our Vedas as well. It's a bit gory, but sit through it and experience its glory.


This is a Lebanese movie directed by Nadine Labaky. The protagonist of the movie is a 12-year-old kid. The premise is that he sues his parents for giving birth to him. Yes, you read it right! He SUES HIS PARENTS FOR GIVING BIRTH TO HIM. The 12-year-old experiences life in a way that even a 100-year-old might not have experienced. The kid's brilliant performance in the movie even won him a role in Marvel's next Superhero edition of ETERNALS. Don't miss it by any chance.


It is a Spanish movie directed by the academy award-winning Alfonso Cuaron. The story mostly inspired by real-life incidents of his parents tells about the turmoils faced by a domestic worker in the midst of political chaos in 1970's Mexico. The black and white frames, a seemingly silent screenplay, and an emotional rollercoaster will definitely win your heart.

Don Jon:

It's a film about a porn addict and his redemption. Just how much should be a man addicted that he doesn't enjoy real sex? Watch this comedy in a brilliant debut by Joseph Gordon-Levitt (as a director) with brilliant performances by Scarlet Johansson and Julianne Moore.

Birdman or (The Unexpected Virtue of Ignorance):

This film is definitely one of the best satires you will ever watch. It's about a yesteryear rave (Michael Keaton in a sublime form) struggling to come to terms that he is yesteryear fame. He tries his best to get back to the hall of fame by starring in a play written by himself. Emma Stone and Edward Norton push this film and the main character Riggan Thomson (Keaton) in a way that has never been imagined before.

V for Vendetta:

As you would have guessed by now, this list isn't one that contains crowd-pleasers. These are films that you would generally find in conversations of connoisseurs of cinema. It would be a shame to not include V for Vendetta in it. Starring the brilliant Natalie Portman in one hell of a dark film, this is set in a futuristic UK where an anarchist tries to create a revolution using... violence and terrorism.

The boy who harnessed the wind:

As impossible the title sounds, the film is just about that. It chronicles the journey of a young William Kamkwamba who is banned from attending the school because his parents can't afford the fees. He attempts to find a solution for the rotting crops by building a windmill against all odds that come his way. The most important aspect of this film is the way you are connected to the protagonist and you would never stop rooting for the protagonist (Maxwell Simba is terrific). This is unlike so many other gains-all-odds films that only have you heaving a sigh of relief because the movie ended.


Do you believe in magic? How about a film that feeds that child in you who believes in magic? Ted is just about that. It's about a big-mouthed teddy bear's role in the life of a man and his relationship. As outlandish as it sounds, this one is sure to keep you engaged throughout its run time.


Joaquin Phoenix stars in the poignant tale of a man who falls in love with an AI (I'm not making this up). Her is that film that some may find sad, some may find interesting but none can find it boring. You get to sense why Scarlett Johansson is such a good actor in this film. Set in a futuristic world with a human touch (watch out for the job Phoenix's character works), this is a moving tale of so many things like, AI, loneliness, relationship and more.

A Beautiful Mind:

In what is one of the best biopics ever made, Russel Crowe stars as John Nash - a noble laureate well known for his contribution to Economics and a proponent of Game Theory. We don't see actors anywhere in this film, all we see are the characters. The writing is solid, the music is out-of-the-world and the screenplay couldn't have been better. Tune in to watch how a beautiful mind made another one!

Don't forget to share your thoughts in the comments section - from the selection that you went through to any film in specific. Happy Bingeing folks!!

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