10 years of Inception - Read some interesting facts of this cinematic marvel.

Arguably worlds best mind bending science fiction thriller brilliantly conceptualized by Christopher Nolan and brought to life by the entire team of Inception.

I myself am a big fan of Nolan and his movies. Having watched this movie atleast 5 times and is one of my go-to movies when I don't know what to watch.

I have gone through a lot of interviews and articles about Inception and have listed down some interesting facts that you might not know.

Remembering this brilliant piece of work as it completes 10 years of release.

Some interesting facts about Inception

1. The Infinity staircase was an engineering nightmare to be built, but the team accomplished Nolan's vision through a mix of deceiving camera work and the laws of physics. This included stuff like gravity, and what should be the ideal speed for camera movement, what should be the ideal distance the camera needs to be placed to achieve the objective etc. Another fun fact is that the set was built completely in the lobby of an unused corporate building.

2. The entire fight sequence in the hotel was not CGI but the team built a rotating hydraulic structure that would rotate the entire hotel corridor at right moment. The actors were trained and made to practice the entire fight sequence second by second. The entire set was constructed in a godown.

3. When the art director read screenplay of a train ramming into the road, he was shocked beyond senses and set out firmly on the task of achieving this cinematic brilliance. After a lot of discussion they finally remodelled a very lengthy road vehicle to make it look like a train because if you take an actual train you would need track as well, so the remodelled train was riding on wheels on the inside but they made it look like a train from the outside.

4. Initially when the train sequence was shot the impact was not as much as they had wanted it to be. So the filmmakers took the call on the set to get more no of cars almost 12 immediately and then reshot the entire sequence destroying them.

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