100th Anniversary of Satyajit Ray

Satyajit Ray is the only Indian to have received an Honorary Academy award for film making. The Academy was impressed so much by his works that they set up a team to ensure that every piece of work made by Satyajit Ray must be archived for generations to come.

I am quite sure that many of us have not watched any of his work. If you are a movie buff and haven't watched his movies is not quite possible. He is perhaps the greatest Indian filmmaker ever. He has raised the standards of Cinema as an art form to the highest level in our country.

He is such a distinguished filmmaker that even some of the greats of filmmaking have revered him

Akiro Kurosawa said - ' If you haven't watched Satyajit Ray's work, it is like you haven't watched the Sun and the moon'

Martin Scorcese said - 'I was blown away by The Apu trilogy'

Today, as a mark of respect on his anniversary let us watch his silent short film TWO

Two is a silent short film that talks about capitalism and philosophy at the same time. This short film too has been preserved by the Academy.

Watch the short film and let me know your thoughts on the film in Instagram.

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