15 Hindi Movies that you should not miss during the NetFlix Stream Fest

Stream fest is definitely a time to rejoice and celebrate for the cinephiles who can't afford a monthly subscription Netflix. But there's so much to watch! Don't worry folks! We at CT have your back. Check out this list of 15 movies ranging from a straight forward masala to a mind-bending exercise across genres. Let's dive right in!


This probably led to the beginning of the genre of sex comedy in Bollywood. It's about a sex addict trying to settle down with a long-time commitment. With terrific performances and sharp dialogues, this film is sure to get you hooked on (pardon the pun) to the screen for a looooongggggggg time!

Karthik calling Karthik:

What would you do if you get a phone call on your own telephone... from yourself? A brilliant Farhan Akthar and Deepika Padukone shine in this superb thriller that would give you a small peek into the mind of the introverts you come across in life.


This Netflix original movie is a brilliantly made one. With three different storylines happening in the dark underbelly of Mumbai, the film is a textbook example of a brilliant screenplay and an even brilliant direction.


Vishal Bharadwaj's obsession with Shakespeare continues in this brilliant adaptation of the classic tragedy, Hamlet. Set in the backdrops Kashmir and the AFSPA, Shahid Kapoor and Tabu would take you for one hell of a ride!


Aamir Khan and Kareena Kapoor star in this mystery thriller that investigates a death. But that's just in the beginning. The truths that you keep learning as the film progresses is shocking and we assure you that after finishing this film you will have the satisfaction of having watched a thriller and a drama.


Sujoy Ghosh rose to the pinnacle of fame with this bloody brilliant thriller. Vidya Balan plays a woman in search of a husband and what she finds out in the search is shocking and rewarding for her and us, the audience. Don't you dare miss this!


Probably one of the best dark comedies ever in Bollywood, Sriram Raghavan proves why he is the master of the thriller genre in this crazy film. Ayushman Khurana and Tabu compete with each other in this masterpiece as one tries to outdo the other in deception.

Article 15:

Another Ayushman starrer, this one. It's probably true that Ayushman has created a niche for himself. Look at the kind of films he has acted in... right from Vicky Donor! In this instalment we see a moustache-sporting Ayan Ranjan trying to unravel the disappearance and possible murder of a girl amidst the dirty caste-politics. Watch out for the scene where the caste system is explained on screen!


A must-watch list without Maniratnam in it? Impossible! I was torn between Yuva and this one. Decided to go with this purely because it is not complicated. It is even a biography of sorts. Abhishek Bachchan shines as he grows into and as the character in this film. A hand-picked cast, beautiful art-direction that transports us to that time, sharp dialogues and strong performances make this a must-watch.

Life in a... Metro:

This is a hidden gem in Netflix and that's why I love this streaming platform. Lives of 9 different people are interconnected because there is always one person who is common. This is what I would call a well toned-down version of Super Deluxe sans the detailing and the focus completely on the stories.

3 Deewarein:

Another hidden gem in Netflix. This film shows Nagesh Kukunoor's mastery of the understanding of human behaviour, terrific hold over the narrative and a sly eye for casting. Starring Naseeruddin Shah, Juhi Chawla, Jackie Shroff and himself - all in unconventional roles - this film revolves around three murder convicts who are way more than what they seem. Read it's review here: https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/revisiting-classics-3-deewarein-a-slow-poison-that-grows-on-you


Kangana Ranaut is one of the very few women with balls when it comes to the choice of scripts to act in or even her decision to direct the flamboyant Manikarnika. In this film, she goes on a honeymoon... alone. Watch more to find out in one of the breeziest and yet impactful women centric movies ever made!

Dolly Kitty aur woh Chamakte Sitare:

This film is all about stars - the ones on the screen, the ones on some app and the ones in the night sky. Alankrita Shrivastava delivers a rooted film on women, their suppression (from the world outside and within themselves) and their eventual liberation. It has a short run time (probably a tongue-in-cheek reference to men... you know what I mean!), but definitely a very rewarding experience. Read the review here: https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/dolly-kitty-aur-woh-chamakte-sitare-review

Once Again:

A woman falls in love... once again. A man too falls in love... once again. Come, celebrate love, struggle and maturity set in the backdrop of grown-up kids in this beautiful film. Niraj Kabi and Shefali Shah are sure to steal your hearts and leave you teary-eyed in this unique love story.


Khoon Maaf:

It's Vishal Bharadwaj again! This time it's not Shakespeare. It is adapted from a short story by Ruskin Bond called Susanna's Seven Husbands. This dark comedy features the life of a woman called Susanne and her (failed?) attempts at ...getting married. With an ensemble cast chosen with utmost precision. This would haunt you long after you have watched.

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