5 moments of brilliance in Colour photo that will not leave you for long

Color Photo as a movie just has too much heart that will make logic automatically take a back seat while experiencing it. So I did not feel like reviewing it, I am just going to list down some moments that will stay with me for long and even subconsciously affect my way of writing.

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5 moments of brilliance

1. Relationship between the lead actor and actress articulated as ‘Bhakti’ - the purest form of relation.

If you remember the instances when each of them fell in love with each other was when they were looking at each other while they were dressed up as god and goddesses. Jayakrishna falls in love with Deepu when he sees her dressed up as ammoru and even performs an Arathi. That is easily a frame that will stay with me for long. Even Deepu sees kannayya dressed up as Hanuman when she falls in love with him. Hanuman as we all know is the epitome of Bhakti. The discussion between Deepu and Kannayya in the climax lends itself a complete inner significance and deep meaning because you feel that they feel their statements in every cell of their body.

2. The love proposal scene at the bus stop

Carefully crafted and written, Deepu proposes Kannayya exactly when he tells the same dialogue that his sister-in-law states as true love. That dialogue or its essence gets rooted in Deepu and acts as a trigger point for showcasing her love. In the dialogue, he compares himself to a street light that is just present and is never functional. Once she proposes the street light goes on and I couldn’t just stop wondering at the beauty of that thought which is too hard to put in words.

3. Depiction of how Deepu misses Kannayya in the pre-climax

A person named Krishna selling milk and loving a calf is itself a beautiful idea to imagine and sight to behold. While the two of them are separated, Deepu tries to imagine his presence by pouring milk onto a piece of cloth and smells it to feel the way she feels when she hugs Kannayya every time. By virtue of his job of selling milk, Krishna’s shirts will obviously smell like milk and the director uses this small detailing to his advantage. The depth of thought made me awestruck.

4. Ramaraju aka Deepu’s brother burning his certificates and killing his calf

Traditional villains would prefer killing the person and his family. But the villain burns his certificates. Now, throughout the movie, Kannayya emphasizes that he wants to finish his education, get a good-paying job, and then marry and take care of Deepu. Killing a person’s dream is more torturous than killing the person himself. Then the writer probably thought that an emotional low also needs to be achieved in case some audience feels that education can be re-learned. Killing the calf is almost the same as killing his mother in memory. Killing a person’s memory of love is more torturous than killing the person himself. After all, what is a human being without memories of love?

5. Bala Yesu, his bonding with Kannayya and his character arc

By far, Bala Yesu’s character has the most complete, fulfilling arc for a friend. Though emotional, imagine the plight of a character who cant withstand a stranger’s dead body carrying the dead body of his closest all-in-one friend. Tears just rolled out of my eyes at that shot. He must lose sanity and hate the world to its end. That’s why he breaks his promise and utters that word aimed at the world, aimed at destiny. The gorrelakaapari dialogue also is going to stay for long with me.

Another aspect that I really liked was the fact that they used movie posters and movie references for the period that it is set in to bring authenticity to the story and it worked really well. The Hitler movie reference or Prince Mahesh Babu’s reference is the finer aspects that make their world more believable.

I only wish that it could have released in theatres and run to packed audiences for weekends after weekends.

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