5 movies to watch this weekend - List 2

We are back again with another list of 5 movies from across platforms and languages. You guys have showered a lot of love with this series of articles. We hope to give you a list of movies that encompasses multiple genres and themes. Let's get to the 5 movies for this weekend then.

Maanagaram - Prime video

This tamil movie has 3 primary plots and atleast half a dozen secondary plots and also some sub plots thrown into the mix, that's a lot right! Wait, wait, now imagine all of this hyperconnected, sounds interesting right! Wait, wait, and all these unfold over a single night in the city of Chennai! Now that's a hell lot of complexity, but the debutant director Lokesh Kanagaraj pulls off this thriller with ease.

Love Mocktail - Prime video

This heart wrenching Kannada movie is a mocktail of emotions - there is infatuation, there is love, there is break-up, there is sacrifice, there is friendship, and a lot more. The entire movie plays out as a narrative flashback on the hero's journey to meet someone really special to him. He takes you through his love from school to college to jobless to job to the grave as well.

Moothon - Zee5

Moothon was awarded the best screenplay, Nivin Pauly was awarded the best actor, and Geetu Mohandas was awarded the best director in the Toronto International Film festival. These achievements do speak volumes about this movie but you must watch the movie to know what it is about and the terrific performances by the lead cast. A 12 yr old young boy sets out on a journey from Lakshadweep islands to Mumbai in order to find his long gone elder brother. But he ends up discovering the dark underbelly of Mumbai. The sheer audacity of this movie needs an award by itself. Co written by Anurag Kashyap, Nivin Pauly as the Bhai of Mumbai street mafia, Roshan Matthew, Shashank Arora, Shobita makes this movie a liberating watch.

The Terminal - Prime video

The Terminal starring Tom Hanks focuses on a very important aspect of life that has been forgotten in this fast and busy world - Waiting. Waiting in life is not a curse and everything in this world takes time to happen. A Krakohzian stuck at the JFK airport unable to go either ways because his country has been declared as not a country by the USA. So he waits, waits , and keeps waiting in the airport despite repeated attempts by the airport officials to get rid of him. He makes friends, he earns a job, finds his love, unites someone else's love and fulfills his purpose of visiting the USA finally.

Back to the future trilogy - Prime video and Netflix

Probably one of the earliest and best time travel movies with a cult classic following. The trilogy has become synonymous with time travel for movie lovers across the world and it will become, for you as well. It is a film that is mentioned in many Hollywood movies, even the Avengers end game. Great Scott! This movie has all that a great movie needs - characters across time zones, plot points, twists and turns, logic as well as emotion. Definitely give it a watch and thank us later.

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