5 Themes of "Oke Oka Jeevitham" that are highly relatable

1) Motherhood :

I do not know any person would not be able to relate to this theme of Mother's love. How much ever we may quarrel, shout at her just the very thought of its purity & unconditional love can make us cry. That is what happened with me as well while watching this film. This theme gets a deeper meaning when we see Ritu being a mom to the 3 kids and tending to them. The fact that he could see glimpses of his mother's qualities in his girlfriend was a beautiful touch to the character & the screenplay.

2) Friendship :

Perhaps, after your parents the next purest form of relationship in life is friendship. It just happens like magic with a set of people and it stays on forever. There are no judgements, no commitments or any signs of toxicity in good friendships. Each of them had something to change in their past and they were stuck together at all times. They also learn a valuable lesson that when they're together they can do totally crazy things and also escape from any big problem in life.

3) Time Travel :

We've all heard the quote - " Past is history, Future is mystery, the present is a gift" . The fact that they go back and relive their past in order to change it but they cannot leads to their realizations. We cannot stay for too long in either past or the future, similarly we should regularly audit the lessons from past and plan for the future while enjoying every single moment of the present. This is why the movie was titled "Kanam" in Tamil which means "Kshanam" or "Moment".

4) Social Anxiety:

The current millennial generation that has grown up with Social Media and fake lives, Social Anxiety stemming from various reasons is a very persistent problem. Mental Health is on a decline and can hit rock bottom if not course corrected. The film shows us that all we need is support from our loved ones. As a society, we should not try & put down anyone for irrelevant things like color, caste, body shape, sexual preference, income from early on. Support & encourage if you can orals remain silent.

5) Education:

Say what you want about Indian Education system but the hard fact of life is thousands of families have moved from lower middle class to middle class and beyond only because of their children's education. Those degree's that we insult have actually landed us jobs that enabled us to improve our standard of living. Seenu's character is an example of how society discriminates one based on education as well. You may not know the work exactly but the idea of education is flawed but its the only thing that cannot be taken away from us.

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