6 must-watch Malayalam movies during the Netflix Streamfest for free

Netflix is free for 2 days, get ready to binge-watch all that you couldn't see because of Netflix's high subscription price. Tune into Netflix's Stream Fest on December 5th and 6th and binge-watch your favorite stories.

If you are wondering which Malayalm movies to watch then we've got you covered.

Watch these gem of movies, some commercially hit, some critically, and some both.


Written and directed by Mohammed Mustafa and starring some very talented actors, Kappela is a movie that spends the entire first half setting it up for you only to break into something completely unexpected. Being one of the first movies to release in OTT during the lockdown, this movie sets your heart racing in the second half. Read the full review here - https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/kappela-movie-review-refreshing-tale-with-stellar-preformances

Njan Prakashan

Njan Prakashan starring Fahad Faasil is more of a journey rather than being just a movie. A character that is ready to go to any lengths to accomplish his selfish motives and doesn't even like his name passes through some segments of life only to realize the true way of appreciating what you have then run around. Those segments are heart-wrenching, to say the least.


Psycho thrillers come with a specific template and it best works that way itself. It is very hard to stray away from that fundamentals and yet make the narrative gripping. Forensic definitely has maintained to stay in the box as well as outside the box at the same time. The professional leading the investigation is a forensic expert and that automatically makes scenes fresh. Also, there are some twists in the movie that will leave your mouth wide open. read the full review here - https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/forensic-malayalam-movie-review

Sudani from Nigeria

Starring Soubin Shahir and directed by Zakariya, Sudani from Nigeria is one such movie that beautifully showcases that when it comes to love, language doesn't matter. The relationship between an injured Nigerian football player and the local members is a treat to watch on screen. The performances are honest and so close to reality that fills your heart.


Probably one of the first movies that showcase the fight of an acid attack victim. While the entire society tries to put them down, the strength and resolve of Parvathy is what makes this a tale of hope and self-confidence. The inspiring dream of becoming a pilot gets shattered with the senselessness of her boyfriend. How she bounces back and stands on her feet is motivating to say the least.

Angamaly Diaries

Lijo is one of those directors who find harmony in a choreographed cacophony. Dubbed as the 'Master of Chaos', Angamaly diaries was path-breaking through its introduction of almost 50+ new actors to the Malayalam film industry. The dynamics of business, ego, family in a locality brew up a story that is hard to forget. The 11-minute single shot climax portion is much talked about in Industry circles as one of the most prolific shots in the history of Malayalam cinema.

Watch them and enjoy.

Happy Bingeing.

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