8 must watch Telugu movies during the Netflix Stream fest for free

Netflix is free for 2 days, get ready to binge watch all that you couldn't see because of Netflix's high subscription price. Tune into Netflix's Stream Fest on December 5th and 6th and binge watch your favourite stories.

If you are wondering which Telugu movies to watch then we've got you covered.

Watch these gem of movies, some commercially hit, some critically, and some both.

C/o Kancherapalam

Directed by the debutant Venkatesh Maha, this film revolves around 4 major relationship tracks. It not only covers the finer aspects of a relationship, but also the macro aspects of religion, the dignity of labor, pride, and honor. It is this seamless integration of such delicate topics and a nuanced portrayal that won the hearts of the majority. The climax will leave you in awe of it.


Again directed by a debutant Prashant Verma, this film is also an account of 5 different plots coming at crossroads with each other. It breaks the barrier of a single genre movie by combining the genres of horror, science fiction, rom-com, socio-fantasy, and psychological thriller into one.

Ee Nagaraniki Emaindi

The second movie of National award-winning writer Tharun Bhasscker is a buddy comedy that leaves you in gags throughout its run time. At the core of it is the message to follow your heart, live your passions, make friends, and live life to its fullest.


Directed and produced by Raj Rachakonda, starring Priyadarshi, Mallesham is a biopic on Chintakandi Mallesham. The person who learned engineering on his own and invented the mechanical weaving machine. Facing all odds and staking everything, he succeeds in revolutionizing the Industry.

Krishna and his Leela

Directed by Ravikanth Perepu after Kshanam and written by Ravikanth and Siddhu, this movie is a fresh breather of 2 women 1 man love stories. Though the film is a regular rom-com triangular love story, it's treatment with strong women characters and realistic touch makes it to the list.You can read the full review here - https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/krishna-and-his-leela-review

Ala Vaikunthapurramulo

This movie needs no introduction to Telugu and even a large percentage of Non-Telugu audience. This is the biggest hit of the Telugu movie industry in terms of the non-Baahubali record. Stylish Star Allu Arjun's all-round show in all the departments of acting, dance, fights, humor coupled with the brilliant Trivikrams dialogues turned this into a massive hit. The biggest commercial movie. Read the full review here - https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/ala-vaikunthapuramloo-review-deserves-more-than-just-whistles

Uma Maheshwara Ugra Roopasya

Venkatesh Maha's second outing - the official remake of Malayalam hit 'Maheshinte Prathikaram' is a brilliant adaptation of the original. The director keeps the core intact while changing the peripheral emotions and character treatments. The actors did a fine job and it's definitely worth a watch. Read the full review here - https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/chin-up-shoulder-down-eyes-big-and-watch-the-movie

Ohh Baby

The official remake of a Korean film 'Miss Granny' is a laugh riot from start to end. Nandini Reddy through her direction and Samantha through her action weave magic onto the screen. The premise of a 70-year-old turning into her teens gives rise to a lot of existential questions and answers them too in a humorous way. Read the full review here - https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/manage-your-blog-from-your-live-site

Enjoy your Netflix StreamFest.

Happy Bingeing.

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