9 Binge-worthy Web-series to watch during the Netflix Stream fest

Yes, it is here! Finally, it is here! The most awaited Stream Fest of the most popular OTT platform is here. We all at Celluloid Tales are as excited as you are! The gravest mistake one can commit this weekend is to read hundreds of reviews to find out the binge-worthy content, while the 48-hour clock ticks away, and before you blink, it is over but, don't you worry, for CT has your back!

We all are aware that Netflix is the specialist in making some great original web-series and TV shows. More than movies, these web-series draw most of the global audience to this OTT giant every year. As you cannot binge watch something like Suits or Friends in just 48 hours, we here @CT made a list of web-series which are critically acclaimed, fun to watch and most importantly, can be watched under 48 hrs!

1. Dark (Genre: Sci-Fi, Thriller; Stream time ~ 24 Hours)

A three-seasoned blockbuster series on Netflix, dealing with time loops, paradoxes and all the sci-fi stuff. Actually, at the core, Dark is a riveting story of love, attachment and human emotions. It is one of the best sci-fi series that has even been made and is also totally binge-worthy during this stream fest, if you haven't watched it yet. Find our review of Dark here: https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/dark-a-netflix-original-series-review-dark-thrilling-nail-biting-and-mind-boggling-series

2. Sacred Games (Genre: Thriller, Mystery; Stream Time: 14 hrs)

One of India's first super hit web-series, that exploited all the possible areas where the CBFC would bring up their big-scissors. A riveting investigation drama with a star-studded cast and an engaging screenplay, Sacred Games always stands out as a trend-setter for the Indian OTT space. If you haven't watched it yet, we strongly suggest you watch it, for some pacy action, engaging screenplay and some gorgeous performances.

3. The witcher (Genre: Fantasy, Action; Stream time ~ 8 hrs)

Well, while the gaming fraternity across the world is eagerly waiting for the release of Cyberpunk 2077 from CD Projekt Red(CDPR), let us also spare a thought for the most awarded Game of the Decade offering from CDPR: The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. It became so popular that Netflix saw an opportunity to create a web-series from it and guess what! even the web-series was an instant hit. Look at Henry Cavil slay baddies, monsters and cast magic spells as the iconic protagonist (Drum Roll Please!): Geralt of Rivia in this bloody, dark, shady Netflix drama.

4. Delhi Crime (Genre: Crime, Cop-Drama; Stream time ~ 8 hrs)

Well, here we are with the First-Ever Indian Series to win the prestigious Emmy Award! Now take some time and digest that! Based on the Nirbhaya incident that shook the whole country, Delhi Crime emerges as a wonderfully crafted cop-drama that has an engaging screenplay and also the emotional touch. In case you haven't watched yet, do watch it!

5. Stranger Things (Genre: Fantasy, Sci-Fi; Stream time ~ 25 hrs)

Well, the most entertaining pick from the list, Stranger Things is more like an American version of Dark, albeit spiced up with some humour and by the virtue of its cast, becomes child friendly. Young adults can immediately connect with the characters and adults with their parents'. With some scary elements and some sci-fi related stuff, it ticks almost all boxes when it comes to pure entertainment. If you want something fun to watch after a frustrating week, here is the perfect pick.

6. Kobra Kai (Genre: Action, Comedy; Stream time ~ 12 hrs)

This series, that came in Netflix as a continuation for the Karate Kid movie franchise, was an instant hit on the streaming platform. A funny script coupled with some gorgeous performances and some martial-art action should make this series a perfect watch to begin a week of positivity and energy.

7. The Queens Gambit (Genre: Drama; Stream time ~ 8 hrs)

No! Do not be under the impression that you need to know chess in order to understand this series. A pun is obviously intended in the title itself. Adapted from a novel, this miniseries explores the rise of a certain Beth Harmon, an orphan with an appetite to be the world's best chess player, it forms a perfect recipe for a reverting drama and is also helped by some terrific performances from Anya Taylor.

8. Sex Education (Genre: Drama, Comedy; Stream Time ~ 14 hrs)

My Friend, colleague Ganapathy Parameshwaran has written an extensive review on this web series and I better leave the link here for you all to read. All I would say is that, don't be under the opinion that it is about some high school boys and girls going gaga on one another. Review link: https://www.celluloidtales.com/post/sex-education-an-honest-and-sensible-approach-to-all-things-taboo

9. Money Heistto(Genre: Crime, Drama; Stream Time ~ 33 hrs)

Well, one of the most popular series streaming on Netflix in 2020, Money Heist has all the elements in it to be a perfect conclusion a hectic week. It combines meticulous planning, flawless execution and also a touch of some raw emotions. The only con is that you need a near night out to finish the whole series under 48 hours.

That's it, guys! We from TeamCT wish a happy streamfesting and binging time.

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