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Promotions of movies are akin to the smell of a savoury. It makes your mouth water and ends up creating hunger when we didn't even think of eating anything. Recently, this heavy promotional trend has engulfed the entire Bollywood and now it's time that these winds blow down South.

South Indian Industry doesn't need such heavy promotions. The Market is much smaller in size and fans always stay hungry for their Star's movies. But, it does need promotion as the shelf life of movies have reduced to mere weeks and their entire business depends on their openings.

Let's discuss the interesting Marketing Strategy adopted by the Ala Vaikunthapuram Lo team (knowingly/unknowingly) with respect to Video ad sequencing in Youtube Marketing. This process of ad sequencing is widely known as the TAE Model (Tease, Amplify, Echo) and is tested by Google as one of the best performing ad sequences. Hollywood production houses follow this regularly while promoting their movies across the globe.

1. Tease - The first step is to release a small video that will spark curiosity among the audience that something great is in the offing. Done through some glimpses of the main content or repurposing of the main content in an interesting, yet not revealing manner. The example is the ABOUT video of the song Samajavaragamana through the music director and lyricist speaking about the song. Now, they add credibility and own the song. Hence, the message travels with more authenticity of its importance.

2. Amplify - The ad now moves on to a longer video with the song itself. Revealing it's artists, and other performers. This exactly deepens engagement much more than direct release of the song because of the interest and excitement that has been generated by the above step Tease.

The entire song was released in a very beautiful presentation by it's performers. Shot brilliantly in a way that got us hook onto the screens through the visuals. The elaborate set and the mellifluous melody created unprecedented hype. All elements in perfect sync, we just loved the song and it was on loop.

Now, you might be wondering, what is so special about the Marketing of Ala Vaikunthapuram lo when every other movie does these steps. But, what actually makes the difference is the Last Mile which was completed only by AVPL Team.

3. Echo - Echo back the sentiments of all those audience who were a party to this entire process that brings them back to the original. It is essentially a show of gratitude that shouldn't be skipped. AVPL team rightly, actually rightfully echoes back the wonderful responses and praises showered by every audience who loved the song. Featuring all the artists who made a cover version, a dance video, a music video etc through another special Celebration video. This ensures that all the dormant audiences from the previous step get to know of this song's existence yet again in a very organic fashion.

Hence, repeated mentions this way creates lot of impressions and growth organically aiding in massive digital awareness. At every step in the sequence, the data captured is a treasure for marketers to send targeted ads, or awaken the dormant & not so active audience of previous step to create buzz. This process complements the underlying algorithm and automatically features the video into the top spot thereby creating huge awareness of the Movie/Content/Brand etc.

One may argue that it is only the beauty of the song that carried it so far. With all due respect to its makers, I will deny the word 'only' . If this question did pop into your head, just ask yourself, Why did they make these other videos then?

Now, remember that the Last mile in an endeavour will always bring a wide smile.


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