Bird Box- A gripping survival thriller and a Netflix record smasher.

Finally, I caved to pressure and watched Bird Box. Bird Box smashed Netflix records by achieving 74 million account views. A reluctant pregnant mother Malorie (Sandra Bullock) finds herself in the middle of an Armageddon and faces the unsolved mystery of the world. Director's imagination runs amok where he visualises a world dominated by a mysterious force wherein you commit a suicide after watching somebody do an act, hence all the characters are blindfolded. Looks really kill!

This movie jumps into a scene where mother Malorie is seen taking her children to a safer world. All the three blindfolded, cross a river battling with the mysterious force that is impending and calamitous. This force hawks up like a vulture in the sky, anyone who watches this force would commit suicide. Bird Box starts off on a humorous note between siblings and surreptitiously shifts gears into horror thriller mode as pandemonium breaks out. The scenes toggle between past when the apocalypse began five years ago and the present 20-mile boat ride where mother takes promise from the two kids named boy and girl not to open their blindfold and convey over a walkie talkie only.

The depiction of the end-of-world event is particularly well visualised and brought to screen with a stamp of reality affixed all over it. Unrelenting and disturbing at the same time in its emotional impact, the story reaches a horrific crescendo that balances the desolate desperation of the frame tale's* dystopia. The viewer is never shown the horrors that those affected are witnessing. Instead we are shown only the horrific aftermaths as people behold their loved ones single-mindedly killing themselves. People can't turn away... but they must if they have any hope at survival.

The movie involves a breath-taking scene wherein a group of survivors at home head to a nearby grocery store, all the blindfolded people navigate through GPS, go to mart, grab food, booze and return home. This entire screenplay brims with intelligence and a masterful dexterity over the craft of scene design.

Bird Box is a story about the anxieties and responsibilities of parenting in a world that may be falling apart, and in a time when the future seems less certain than ever. Earlier that year, a movie named “A Quiet place” was built around the mystery related to sound and with “Bird Box”, its vision. Both movies are far more than what we believe or rather imagine believing. Ultimately the director wanted to convey that we all are fighting for survival, and he succeeded in it with flying colours. Be bold and be strong.

*Frame tale - It is a literary technique of story writing where an introductory or main narrative sets the stage either for a more emphasised second narrative or for a set of shorter stories.

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