Chaman Bahar review - Quirky, sassy, and avant-garde content

A woman need not do anything, she can just exist and men have a dangerous ability to create problems that turn their life upside down.

The entire 1hr 51 min run time is an amusing tale and off the wall tribute to the above statement.

After entertaining us with Panchayat, Jitu bhaiya comes back yet again with a hilarious rollercoaster that is sure to gleam your face with a smile and win your hearts with style.

Director & Writer - Apurva Dhar Badgaiyaan

Actors - Jitendra Kumar, Ritika Badlani

Language - Hindi

Streaming on - Netflix

Jitu bhayya's previous collaboration with TVF gave us some unforgettable content like Pitchers, Kota factory, Panchayat etc. This time it is Yoodle films, but the content DNA doesn't go against the grain.

The content is fresh, whacky, grounded, slice of life presented in a R & R fashion.

The movie begins with Billu ( played by Jitu bhayya) killing flies that are disturbing his peaceful afternoon nap sitting in his pan shop titled ' Chaman Bahar '. Located at the outskirts of a village near Chattisgarh, opposite an old isolated bungalow.

Killing flies is often perceived as a task of jobless people. I can only imagine the degree of joblessness when someone is doing such a jobless task while doing his job. This is indicative of the fact that he has supply, but no demand.

His father wants him to work as a forest officer, but Billu puts his father's plea to rest after a brief encounter with a bear in the middle of a spooky night. While his father wants his son to make some money, Billu wants to make an identity.

However his father gives in and hands over the photo of Goddess Lakshmi ( the bestower of wealth) to set it up in the shop, praying that she'll soon enter his life.

Cut to the next morning, when Billu is hanging the photo, the real Lakshmi ( Rinku played by Ritika) enters his life as the daughter of sub engineer occupying the isolated bungalow.

Rinku soon becomes the demand pull factor in the beauty parched region of Chattisgarh. Flocks of men, including a local politicians son, and an influential candidate start visiting Chaman Bahar in the hope of catching a glimpse of Rinku.

Billu's business picks up and so does his love for Rinku. While everyone express their love to everyone around, Billu prefers to keep it to himself. The journey of his untold love and unfinished business forms the rest of the story.

The second act of the movie gets clumsy with lots of characters with no major motivation or arcs enter and exit the plot. The writer manages to keep us entertained because of the dialogues of the sycophant pair and a couple of scenes between Billu and Rinku.

In his weak moments, Billu ends up taking some drastic steps that almost destroy his life. These steps didn't seem normal and look force fitted. The director failed to establish the protagonists main goal and seems to get confused himself in the process. Sometimes it is love, and sometimes business, or wait sometimes it is identity crisis. The dialogues and visuals try really hard to cover up for these loose ends.

Jitendra as Billu is an effortless charmer and fits the bill perfectly down to the last inch. Watch out his body language and posture while getting hit by the policeman and hitting a nail against the wall. All the remaining actors did a convincing job and made their due contribution.

Special mention to the lyricists, music director, and BGM coordinator. The songs, lyrics, and visuals will get you smitten with the screenplay.

Don't miss this one if you want to get entertained. As clean entertainment has become a rarity now a days, and this film brims with it.

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