Chintu ka birthday - I want all of you to be at the party

Set in Baghdad at the time when American soldiers were destroying the Iraqian landscape for Saddam Hossain. Chintu ka birthday is a simple yet humble example of how geopolitical tensions among nations cause emotional chaos in civilian immigrant families.

Directors - Satyanshu Singh, Devanshu Kumar

Language - Hindi

Actors - Vinay Pathak, Vedant, Tillotama, Nate Scholz among others

Streaming - Zee5

A water purifier salesman, Madan Tiwari is sent to Baghdad during the water crisis for milking the business opportunity. As the company starts minting money, the entire family of the salesman is relocated to Baghdad from Bihar. The family consisting of Chintu ( the youngest son), Lakshmi ( the elder daughter), Sudha ( Madans wife), and Saraswati( Sudhas mother) settle in Baghdad and get stuck once the chaos begins.

Chintu is the apple of the eye for all the family members and celebrating his birthday by cutting a cake and seeing him smile is their collective motive. Sounds easy right! Afterall it's just decorating the house and cutting the cake. But sudden bomb blasts, American soldiers, and an Iraqian hiding in their house don't make it that easy for the family.

Somehow this movie feels like a major sub plot in another movie. Possibly because of very less no of characters, all the scenes taking place in one single house, and the 1hr 23 min small run time.

The climax doesn't bode well for a very neatly and logically built narrative. The writer also chipped in a minor character arc of the grandmother that feels very heartening at the end.

Now there is no single character that didn't perform well. All the characters neither underplayed nor went over the top at any given circumstance. They had the scope to go overboard considering scenes like bomb blasts and hiding captives, but the director stuck to real human reactions to all these. And it works well for the movie.

The movie restricted itself with respect to the visuals showing actual war scenes mostly because of budget. But they have worked out an economical but effective alternative by enriching the sound design to match and make the audience feel the chaos happening around the town.

Another interesting fact was that the producers of this movie are the co-founders of AIB. It's heartening to see people like them backing up good content. Hope they produce more such beautiful yet experimental stuff.

Bottomline - I'm taking a gift and going to Chintus Birthday party and you'll all must come. ( Don't forget the gift though 😉)

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