Dark; A Netflix Original Series Review: Dark, thrilling, nail biting and mind-boggling series!

Der Anfang ist das Ende (The Beginning is the End)!!!

Frankly speaking 2020 is full of chaos! The global pandemic gobbling up Millions of lives, men losing jobs, women working harder than ever to run the home, children staying at home and taking online classes, rather than playing out in the Sun... looking at this, one might want to travel back in time and ensure that this thing never happened at the first place. Well that idea might sound like a way to the paradise... isn't it? But before you proceed to put your idea into action, just watch this series! I bet you would think of reconsidering your idea.

Before jumping into the review, let me give you a hint of what you are getting into...

Complexity Level 1: Mostly set in the year 2019 (single timeline). Around 20 main characters, few mysterious disappearances of people... an unidentified dead-body, an old lunatic claiming that he can stop it all....

Complexity Level 2: Time Travel, the story happens in three different timelines (1953, 1986, 2019). Few Characters time travel back and forth (and few getting stuck in a different timeline) and older-self meeting younger self stuff...

Complexity Level 3: Story set in 6 different timelines (1883, 1916-20, 1935, 1986, 2019, 2052), story keeps shifting back and forth, older selves try to explain things to younger selves, and try to put all the pieces in the puzzle as they should be...

Complexity Level 4: Possibility of an alternate reality... a reality where things happen similar to this reality... free time travel to any year in any realm and any date... but still the pieces in the puzzle should be intact...

Complexity Level 5: Add another Dimension...🤯🤯🤯🤯

One Small fictional town in Germany, Winden, a town with regular downpour and a nuclear powerplant(about to be shutdown). That is where it all happens. The setup is simple (Haha! but everything else is as complex as it becomes). Meet Jonas Khanwald (Louis Hoffman). A school going teenager, in love with Martha Neilsen (Lisa Vicari). The suicide of his father disturbs Jonas mentally and he returns to school after two months of mental rehabilitation. Meanwhile, Bartosz tries to woo Martha, while she is still smitten with Jonas. Under mysterious circumstances, Mikkel Nielsen (brother of Martha Nielsen) disappears near the caves and police find out an unidentified dead body. Ulrich Nielsen (Father of Martha), a police officer suspects that this has something to do with the disappearance of his brother Mads, 33 years ago as he identifies the dead body. By now, it would have been established that this has something to do with the caves... What is inside the caves? Are the caves and the Nuclear plant connected? Why did Michael Khanwald (Jonas' father) commit suicide? What was there in his suicide note? What was the motive of the Old Halge Doppler? Who is Noah? What is Aleksander Tidemann trying to hide inside the Nuclear power plant? Who are Eva and Adam? What is "Sic Mundus Creatus Est"? What was written in the last pages of the book? Is the prophecy of Apocalypse true? Can it be avoided? Who is H.G. Tannhaus?.... so many questions! To find answers (for most of them...) binge it on Netflix.

Honestly speaking, I had my questions at the end of the series. (Yes, the series ends with Season 3). There was an unsettling feeling. Questions would arise in my head as I was trying to grab some sleep. I had to read some other articles, debate with my friends and arrive at conclusions. But that is what Dark is all about! I can say that it is one of the most intricately woven screenplays ever (for a series)! To sustain the attention of audience across the chaos (that it apparently seems at the beginning)...is a daunting task and the makers pulled it off with aplomb. Every time a new unknown character makes an entry, I pause and think...Who the heck is this? and from which timeline did they come here? As Netflix India suggested in their post, You might need a paper and pencil to draw out the lineages(Just Kidding!). And remember... there is always a third dimension!

At the heart of the story is a relationship. A relationship between time and space, a relationship between cause and effect, a relationship between Adam and Eva, a relationship between Jonas and Martha, a relationship between a father and a son(Note this carefully!), a relationship between wife and husband. (like the creators of the show!). The brilliance in writing comes out, when same lines spoken in different contexts, carry a totally different meaning. And there are plenty of such instances in Dark. To conceive such an idea, write it as a script, make a tight screenplay out of it, and present it on a large scale is a herculean task. Kudos to the whole writing and editing department for that! I don't think that there would be a more entertaining sci-fi based series in the near future, that can beat Dark.

The series is not only rich content wise but also technically brilliant. The frames, though dark, are appealing. The settings made for various timelines look believable. CGI work, though limited is eye-pleasing. The whole series is shot in Dolby Atmos... and of you have a good headphone or home theatre system, it is a perfect entertainer. The BGM is very sublime. Behind the rumbling thunders and tick-tock clocks, there is frequent low frequency sound, and in audio output devices with good bass responses, it just is a treat to the ears. The sound of rain sounds so real sometimes... trust me, you would love how Dark sounds.

With all said and done, I would Highly recommend you to watch dark. I binged it completely in a matter of four days, you might do it much quicker.

On a cloudy 'dark' monsoon evening(Winden like weather) , as the news about the death-toll of the on-going pandemic are on (so are the reports of missing children in Winden), as you see some men losing their livelihood due to lockdown(like the nuclear power plant workers in Winden), as you hear the shrill voices of women trying harder than ever to run their homes (like Katharina Nielsen from Winden), and children staying home rather than going out (Like Elisabeth Doppler from Winden), and when you get the thought of travelling back in time and stopping it at the origin (Like Jonas and Martha in Winden)... watch Dark.....

"Das Ende ist der Anfang" (The End is the Beginning!)

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