Dil Bechara Movie Review: A gentle, cute and heart-warming (Heart-wrenching) love story...

Hope is such a cruel thing, especially for those who have lost it already but, it is the most potent energy drink to the soul, for it pushes human beings to the extremes and makes the impossible possible. All of us live in the hope that tomorrow will be a better day, the hope that our family stays healthy and happy forever.... Never do we try to imagine a situation where all our hopes are shattered and a situation where gloom and agony overpower our being, How long can we avoid this harsh truth? That joy and despair, positive and negative, both are part of our lives and we can't ignore one and embrace others forever...

Kizie Basu (Sanjana Sanghi) knew about this right from the start of the movie and she chose to embrace this harsh truth. Being a patient of terminal Thyroid Cancer, she knows that her days are numbered and she chooses to live the gloomy side of life. She visits funerals of unknown people and hugs the family members of the deceased. This way, she feels that she is removing a part of their pain. She also sometimes visualizes her family in that situation after her demise. Pushpinder (Her oxygen cylinder) is her constant companion. Into this gloomy life of Kizie, enters Immanuel Raj Kumar Junior a.k.a. Manny (Sushant... for one last time). A hard core Rajni fan, Manny is a total contrast to Kizie. With his mischievous smile, contagious energy and charismatic personality, he enters the heart of Kizie within no time. Later, Kizie comes to know that even Manny was a cancer patient and currently, his tumor is under remission. Manny, his friend Jagadish and Kizie, set out to make a masala Bhojpuri film, before Jagadish could lose his second eye for another type of cancer. The rest of the story is about how both of them get along together and what fate has in store for this cute couple and what is 'The Fault in Their Stars'? (The book By John Green and the base story of this movie)

It is difficult to review a movie from a neutral stand point, when your heart is heavy with emotions that arise from watching it... still, I have to do it, so that you can also watch it and feel the same.

Performance Report: Hands down, this is One Man Show. Sushant Sigh Rajput! He is at top of his form, and you can't just resist yourself remembering Anni from Chhicchore when you see Manny on screen. If Manny is real, he can even stop people from committing suicide and inject the vibes of positivity with his charming smile (Alas can't stop remembering Sushant). Sushant does right thing and in right amounts. He doesn't over act but still makes his act believable. The scene where he interacts with Mr. Basu and the other scene where he visits Kizie after she is back from hospital are two highlights of the film. He exudes a natural charm and dances well. It is really saddening that Bollywood lost such a young talent, a little too early. I can confidently say that no other actor in Bollywood (except Ayushmann Khuranna, may be) can fit the bills of such a demanding role. I know you would comply with me after you watch the movie. Sanjana Sanghi, on a debut, handles things in a matured way. Her pain appears real and her smile is enchanting. Her transformation from a gloomy lady to a bubbling girl is smooth and natural. All other supporting actors, i.e.; Jagadish, Mr. and Mrs. Basu, Dr. Jha did a fine job. Swastika(Mrs. Basu) deserves a special mention.

Technical Report: The film is rich not only in emotions, but also on the technical front. After a long time, you get to hear A.R. Rahaman's Mark album and all the songs are just wonderful. Music forms a very important component of a love story and ARR delivered a perfect album. (You can find a detailed music review for Dil Bechara here: https://bit.ly/DilBecharaMusic)The songs will be a part of everyone's Spotify playlist for a long time to come. The choreography for the intro song was done beautifully by Farah Khan. DOP Satyajit Pandey did a beautiful Job, capturing Jamshedpur and Paris quite brilliantly. All other departments did a fine job.

All said and done, I appeal each and everyone of you to watch Dil Bechara... if not for anything, at least to look at Sushant, for one last time, gently tingle your heart with that charismatic smile of his, and slowly resting in peace within everyone's hearts. I can only hope that soon, there would be someone as charismatic as Sushant, to gently tingle our hearts again with his smile and bring back to Bollywood, the lost charm... Alas! Hope is such a cruel thing!

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