Do paise ki dhoop chaar ane ki baarish: Simplicity at its best!

The last decade has been a revolutionary one for Indian cinema. Whether it is the commercial blockbusters like Dabangg (2010 Bollywood) or the content driven powerhouse like Kaka Muttai (2014 Kollywood), the cinema industry has had an amazing decade. There were flops by renowned faces (Puli 2015 Kollywood) and surprise hits by new faces like Shutter (Malayalam 2012) making it one hell of a colorful decade. A few special mentions, Aranya Kandam and Super Deluxe (Both by Thiagarajan Kumararaja), Uyare (Malayalam), Brochevarevarura (Telugu), 6-5=2 (Kannada) and one of my favorites Ankhon Dekhi (Hindi).

The film that I am going to talk about released just a tad bit earlier to that. It is Do paise ki dhoop chaar ane ki baarish (2009). This movie talks about taboo topics and mind you, there is not one scene in the movie that makes you cringe. I watched this movie after watching some hard hitting movies like Iraivi (Tamil) and Love, Sex aur Dhokha (Hindi). This was a welcome change.

After watching the above mentioned movies my mind was a pessimistic mess hating the way this matlabi duniya (mean world) is. This movie offered a fresh breeze of hope and optimism. Let's jump right away into why this movie is simple yet profound.

Multiple issues are handled in this film viz. love, homosexuality, motherhood (again devoid of the female sex), guilt, change and so on. The beauty of this movie is that none of these are shown through any melancholic close ups or rain-drenched-sad-RR-filled long shots. All of these issues come and smile at us and we end up having a nice conversation without ending up in a bitter argument.

The only star cast in the movie is the very talented Manisha Koirala who is unmistakably the best person for the character she plays. The movie talks about the life of a gay man and a prostitute mother with a dumb and quadriplegic son. The life of these two get intertwined in a series of chance happenings and what happens towards the end is just beautiful.

To justify the title and to capture the emotions of the characters rain is used as a leitmotif throughout the movie. This just keeps on kissing our faces and each time it does we smile (at least I did). In an age where it is the norm that taboos have to be said in a melancholic tone, Do paise ki dhoop chaar ane ki baarish is a welcome breeze of fresh and soothing film.

This movie is available on Netflix. Please do watch it and share your views.

Leitmotif: A recurring theme or a musical that keeps occurring throughout a literary composition, associated with a particular idea or situation or a person.

Till the next article this is your Ganapathy a.k.a Guna signing off.

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