On the holy occasion of Ramadaan, we @CelluloidTales have put together some of the best music that suits the occasion... Hope you enjoy it

No. of Songs: 5

Playtime: ~30 min

Music is an integral part of spirituality. Most of the world religions have music deeply rooted in their religious practices. Inf fact, music also has the potential to break down all the religious barriers and embrace the whole of humanity, regardless of its origin. The spectrum of emotions that can be conveyed through music are many and the intensity of the emotion conveyed often brings down all the chatter in the mind and gives a feel of pristine joy and peace. After all, joy and peace are the ultimate goals of human life right?

Sufi music has always managed to enchant its listeners, regardless of their caste, creed and religion. Sufi songs and Gurbaanis always manage to bring out a teardrop at the tip of my eyes, for they stir the soul and bring out its longing to merge with the supreme. Such is the emotion that they manage to carry and that too in a simplistic manner. The instrumentation is a Sufi song is often very simple yet very effective. That's when this strikes me... "Beauty lies in Simplicity".

Today, we bring to you a small playlist on the occasion of Ramzaan... all these songs are familiar to most of us, but still, they are worth a replay, for no matter how many ever times you play them, they give you Peace and Joy and make you exclaim...' Masha Allah!'

Song No. 5:

Bhar Do Jholi Meri

Singer; Adnan Sami

Album: Bhajarangi Bhaayijaan

This song immediately strikes me whenever I think of Sufi music. This song has everything in it to give a surge of positivity whenever I listen to it. I should admit that this is a rare song in many ways. Rarely you see Adnan Sami, moving out of his comfort zone and pumping in some energy into a song. Rarely you see Salman Khan getting emotional in a song. Anyways, this song manages to be one of the finest songs of Composer Pritam, Singer Adnan Sami and Actor Salman Khan.

Song 4: Tajdar-E-Haram

Singer: Atif Aslaam

Album: Coke Studio 8

One of my friends suggested this song the day I told him that I would be writing this article. I first ignored it, but later it popped up on my YouTube suggestions. I was about to ignore, but when I saw the No. of views, Heck! 281 MILLION VIEWS!!! My hand automatically went to play button and soon, the magic started. This song had a wonderful feel. I almost felt like I was transported to those old days, where people used to sing as a group and go on Haj. Wonderful!

Song No. 3: Kun Faya Kun

Singers: Mohit Chauhan, Javed Ali, A.R. Rahman

Album: Rockstar

Top three of songs of this playlist are obviously, pearls from the Maestro A.R. Rahaman.

Kun Faya Kun from Rockstar movie is a standard on-loop song for so many people. This song in quintessence captures the solace that the name of the Lord gives to those souls, which are stuck on the path, uncertain about the next step, and put them on the right track. Whenever you are stuck in life, plug into this song and let the Maestro magic take over.

Song No. 2: Arziyaan

Singers: Javed Ali, Kailash Kher

Album: Delhi-6

This is one of the masterpieces of ARR! I was in a dilemma, whether to put this song as the top one or the next song... for this song had that potential to be there. It brings tears to my eyes, whenever I hear to this song without any disturbances. Kailash Kher and Javed Ali breathe life into this already wonderful song. And look at the instrumentation! As simple as it gets... A harmonium, a tabla, and claps (of course with occasional guitar strums and synths). This is pure magic folks!

Ahem... now the #1...

Song No. 1: Khwaja Mere Khwaja

Singer: A. R. Rahman

Album: Jodhaa Akbar

What can be told about ARR! This is a pristine form of music. I never heard this song fully, neither watched the movie, Jodhaa Akbar, fully, till I watched Alex in Wonderland in Amazon Prime. Got interested, watched the movie and didn't skip this song (which I usually do while watching every movie... Bad Habit!). What a feeling this song carries.... very subtle, yet very strong, very soothing, at the same time very emotional. ARR weaved magic, with vocals, instrumentation and composition. I feel like this whenever I think of this song: If Bollywood gives total creative freedom to ARR, with no bars on budget and concept, and asks him to make a song that humanity can cherish for years to come, it would have been this song for sure!

On the day of Ramzaan, late in the evening, plug into this playlist, revel in the magic, drown in the ocean of bliss, re-surface to breathe the air of peace, look up to the star sitting peacefully in the bosom of the present and exclaim "Masha Allah!"

PLAYLIST LINK: https://bit.ly/3ecKgEd

And once Again "EID MUBARAK!"

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