Ek Mini Katha review - 2nd half could have been much better

Ek Mini Katha belongs to a coming of the age template that has been pioneered by Ayushmann Khurrana. The template is as follows - Lead character with a disability/disease/profession/situation that is a societal taboo - the character hates himself for being in that situation - tries everything in his ability to get rid of it - all efforts go in vain - teaches a message to the society/parents/characters in general - and comes to the conclusion that acceptance is the only cure or solution.

The lead character in this movie Santhosh played by Santhosh Shoban is affected with Micro Penis Syndrome. The trigger to this syndrome dates back to his school days when one of his friends gets a glimpse at Santhosh's penis and labels it SMALL.

He tries explaining this to his father played by Brahmaji but gets beaten up, his mother is never free from her phone that he could even explain this to her. He has friends who watch porn with him on his fathers laptop but do not know Santhosh's situation. He is even kicked out from his 1st GF's house because of this reason.After a point, his mindset doesn't allow him to talk about this in the fear of being ridiculed or rejected as a normal person in the society. At that moment, he falls in love with his soulmate and his attempts at solving this issue intensify. How he overcomes this problem forms the rest of the story.

The premise is interesting but it is the plot that lacked flesh. The plot meanders in all places in the guise of a solution hunt for his problem. He goes to a brothel, the doctor dies before performing operation, there is a swamiji with medicinal herbs that can increase the size, a long lost friend ready to give life, a brother in law ready to end his life, a foolish moneylender, an old man interested in Pooja Hegde's legs, breaking the fourth wall for no reason and a psychiatrist listening to this entire story.

These kinds of stories need a dose of humour to make the message palatable. But it would also be great if the writers could have delved more into the mental agony of the character along with situational humour. That probably could have given more scope to perform as well.

The first half was good, there were some really funny one liners, my favourite one is when Brahmaji tells - Ye Prakash Raj, Rao Ramesh diguthaadu anukunnava, Veedi mokhaniki nene ekkuva.

It had good plot progression and a decent interval. The second half is a big let down. Take for instance there is an entire sub plot of medicinal leaves getting used up as Biriyani leaves, a love failure who wants to commit suicide at every possible instance falling in love with a swamiji, a friend who is a lorry owner arranges for their first night in his lorry. All these sub-plots and characters add neither to the story nor to the humour. That is where the movie loses its track and only comes back well in the climax.

The climax is one of acceptance and honesty. This helps him get back all that he has lost including his confidence. I wish the 2nd half was much better and made with more care.

Thats it from my end guys. You can watch Ek Mini Katha streaming on amazon prime Video.

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