EP 1 : A Meeting of Two Worlds Rating : 3/5

A small time actress has been found murdered in a small North-eastern town and around 5 lakhs worth of valuables and money has been stolen. Arup Singh (Sanjay Kapoor) is in charge of the investigation. He is an outsider, from Mumbai, and has got himself posted to this sleepy little town to get over the death of his wife.

Then we have Dev (Karma Takapa), a Shaman, who has the ability to communicate with spirits. Dev and his younger brother Joe are on the run from someone and never stay at a place for more than a year. Dev is an avid archer and one day while practicing in the woods, he spots Arup's wife Nyima (Raima Sen). Intrigued he follows her and saves Arup's daughter Pari from (Shaylee Krishen) from committing suicide.

Meanwhile the case brings together Dev and Arup and Arup witnesses first hand the ability Dev possesses. Dev communicates with spirits from an hour before their death. That's why it's "The Last Hour".

A Meeting of Two Worlds does a good job at establishing the central characters. It also hints at a growing role for Lipika (Shahana Goswami) and Pari (Shaylee Krishen)as the series progresses. The mountainous setting is bleak and magnificent and one can expect a few chase sequences in them. Well, The Last Hour has been set up quite well and it is left to be seen how it progresses.

Bottomline : An interesting beginning

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