EP 2: I Spy With My Little Eyes

Rating : 3.25/5

This post contains spoilers of Episode 1 of The Last Hour. Read ahead at your own risk.

Arup, still skeptical about Dev's ability to communicate with spirits enlists his help as he feels the murders committed in the last few years are linked. Dev discovers that the driver who was killed along with the actress is in fact a Jhakri. The driver was the target of the attack and not the actress as everybody surmises. Dev tells Arup that the person he is running away from is Yama Nadu. Dev also believes him to be the reason behind the driver's and the actress' death.

Yama Nadu, we are told, has the ability to see a person's future. Yama Nadu was the reason behind Dev's mother death too. Dev's mother tells him that the power which she has passed to on to Dev must not reach Yama Nadu at any cost as he would misuse them. But Dev is confused as he doesn't know which power she is referring to.

We are also shown more of Pari in this episode. The suicidal thoughts, the negative self talk, they are affecting Pari but fortunately we see her trying to fight them. Dev and Pari meet once again at Arup's house. Pari asks Dev if he had come to her college in the evening. Dev flat out refuses and Arup backs it up saying Dev was with him the whole day. Meanwhile a policeman is found dead and Dev and Arup go to the place of death. Dev does his thing with the policeman's body but then sidetracks and goes in search of Pari in his astral form.

The issue of racism is touched upon in this episode as Arup says Pari would have mistaken Dev for someone else. He continues saying that for outsiders like them, everyone would look the same. Pari reprimands him at this point. Organic insertions like this help a lot in making a series or a film more likeable.

However there was one thing that I didn't like. Since this is set in the North East, I found it difficult to believe that when the locals spoke among themselves they spoke in Hindi and not Nepali (which is generally the language spoken there). Like, I didn't even find a few Nepali words interspersing their conversations. It robs the authentic feel which goes a long way in differentiating the good from the great.

All said, there is a lot to look forward to. The growing chemistry between Dev and Pari, Arup's battling of his inner demons, the mysterious Nyima who is visible only to Dev and obviously Yama Nadu.

Bottomline : The mystery deepens

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