EP 3: Dark Night

Rating - 3.5/5

This review contains spoilers of Episode 2. Make sure you have watched it before progressing further.

Dev also gets confirmation that Yama Nadu is looking for him as they kill his friend Gurung at Dev's home mistaking it to be Dev. Dev and Arup arrive in the nick of time to save Doma (the daughter of the blacksmith) from being raped and killed by Yama Nadu. Beaten, Yama Nadu and his associate Thapa escape from Doma's place.

We see Pari finally confronting Dev about seeing him in her college campus. As shocked as Dev is, he accepts that Pari can somehow see his astral form. She also entreats him to help her in finding out what happened to her mother. What is more shocking is that she feels Arup is hiding details of her mother's death and she wishes to get to the bottom of it. Arup, for his part, is a tender and caring father, and this event shows that there is more to him than that meets the eye.

For me, the best actor up to this point has to be Pari (Krishen). The confusion, angst and a bit of rebelliousness comes very naturally to her and you are drawn to her. Dev is torn between his infatuation for her and his loyalty to Arup. He is drawn strongly to her and finds himself abusing his power. This, right after Arup tells him not to betray him. Their showdown, when it happens, will surely be fun to watch.

Dev and Yama Nadu finally come face to face at the end. But then, Yama Nadu reveals a power that makes him an adversary to be feared. How Dev and Arup tackle this has to be seen. And what part will Nyima and Pari play in this? What about Lipika?

There are many answers to be found and that's what makes it more interesting.

Bottomline : Interesting questions have been asked

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