EP 4 :  A Question of Time

Rating : 2.75/5

This review contains spoilers for Episode 3. Watch Episode 3 and then continue reading.

In this episode, we get a glimpse of Dev's childhood. Dev hardly speaks and his actual mother (yes, the one we have seen before is not his birth mother) is worried about him. She makes rounds of temples to get him cured. At one such temple, he goes missing, thanks to Aamoo and Yama Nadu who are shown to be working together. Doctor Strange, anyone?

Dev, in search of a solution to his issues while going to the astral plane, meets the mad Jhakri.

The Jhakri says they could be because he goes away from the soul he is supposed to follow. Meanwhile, we see Arup and Lipika also being attracted to each other.

Plans are made to contain Yama Nadu and Thapa. Yama Nadu's ability to see the future has also been impaired thanks to Dev gouging his eye. But Yama Nadu and Thapa have made good their escape and are staying in Dev's old hut when they discover some kind of leverage.

It's time we spoke about the BGM score and the series cinematography. Both are wonderfully done and help a lot in moving the story forward. The theme score is eerie and ethereal at once. Gingger Shankar needs to be applauded for it. The cinematography by Jayesh Nair captures the vast expanses of mountains and the narrow streets so beautifully. Sometimes though, during the night scenes, you wish there was a bit more light. I had to adjust my laptop brightness for the night scenes. The same brightness for the day scenes hits you hard.

This is a good episode, but you feel it could have been a bit faster.

Bottomline : Time to shift gears

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