EP 5 : First Steps Are Always Small

Rating : 3.25/5

This review contains spoilers of Episode 4. Watch it and come back here.

Dev disobeys a direct order from Arup to stop communicating to souls. No prizes for guessing why he does so. He meets Pari at her home and obviously she tells him off. This episode brings in the element of time travel to the series. It remains to be seen how this angle will play out. Yama Nadu meanwhile tried to salvage his eye and consequently, his power.

Dev seeks out the mad Jhakri again for advice. Dev wishes to set the time such that he and Pari haven't met. The madman tells him not to fiddle with time and stay away from it. Dev also feels he is getting unnecessarily involved decides to go away from Pari. And just when Dev is on his way out he is called by Arup to have a look at another body.

This is a good episode as it gives us a sneak peek into Arup's case solving skills. Frankly, it was getting a bit boring watch Dev do all the work. I hope we can see a bit more of Arup and his skills. Lipika and Arup's track seems endearing to watch. These along with the time travel segment and the discovery make it for a good watch.

Bottomline : Keeps you wanting more.

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