EP 6 : And Then There Was Another

Rating : 4/5

This review contains spoilers for Episode 5. Get back to us after watching it.

Events have begun moving properly with this episode. Dev accompanies Pari to the passage where souls are picked up. But the boatman doesn't turn up to ferry her across. As Dev says, maybe it isn't her time yet.

Arup meanwhile is heartbroken as any parent would be after the rape of their child. This scene comes out very well. The hunt is still on for the perpetrators - Yama Nadu and Thapa. But then another angle is revealed to this whole saga; that of Loki, Pari's classmate who is besotted with her. I just wish there is more for Nyima in the upcoming episodes. In six episodes she appears a couple of times and just leads him. What is her story? What was the fight between her and Arup about?

The writing and screenplay along with the music and cinematography make this episode superb. Like last episode, this too ends with a cliffhanger. Bring it on.

Bottomline : Thrills and Red Herrings

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