EP 7 : The Boy Who Cried Wolf

Rating : 4/5

This episode contains spoilers for Episode 6. If you haven't seen it, watch it and come back.

The shortest episode in this at 27 minutes, The Boy Who Cried Wolf goes into full investigative/action mode. The search for Dev is in full swing. Arup and Lipika pay a visit to Doma and ask her help in finding Dev. We also see how Nyima died and frankly it's a mystery.

Dev meanwhile realises that the timeline has been fractured because of him. That's how Pari sees him at the college. He also realises there's a third criminal and that they have a wolf tattoo.

With Doma's help he sets out on the search for the person who has the wolf tattoo. Doma and Dev encounter Arup and Lipika there. Arup hesitates shooting Dev as he feels there is something he has missed and Dev has caught it. Dev too feels the same way.

All this hints at a engaging and explosive climax and this episode doesn't disappoint. I, for one, am excited about what happens next.

Bottomline : Nail Biting

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