What a terrific speech! Bandla Ganesh delivered a blockbuster speech by his volcano of words, which shows an intense love and gratitude towards his god Power Star Pawan Kalyan but undoubtedly one of the most hilarious speech ever in TFI. Everyone will bear and die but only a few can enter the records of history. Just the mere sight of his honest eyes stops us to tell lies to him. I worship him. Wah! This is the most trending video on YouTube and fans are going gaga about this speech. It’s Hanuman for Lord Rama, Annamayya for Lord Balaji, Bhakta Kannappa for Lord Shiva and it’s Bandla Ganesh for Power Star Pawan Kalyan. Bandla Ganesh claimed he is a devotee of Pawan Kalyan.

Bandla Ganesh showered praises that Pawan Kalyan is indirectly contributed to the welfare of 1200 families who are part of VakeelSaab movie by acting in the film. Vakeel Saab is going to be a visual retreat and grand feast to fans out there after 3 years. Ganesh applauded Pawan’s decision to comeback to movies after such a gap.

Meanwhile Actor turned producer created lot of opportunities for meme makers and content creators. You can see some of them below.

Ganesh recited Sanskrit Slokas and brought some mythological and historic references to praise Pawan Kalyan. One of which is “Anjani Putra Pawana Suta Naama”.

Ganesh recollected an incident where one of his friends commented on Pawan’s overbearing attitude. Ganesh slammed his friends comment with high voltage words. Ganesh said, Yes Pawan has an attitude, he has an attitude of Abhinandan who was tortured by Pakistani militants and chose to die but not reveal any secrets of India. Pawan has such a patriotic attitude. He has an attitude of a soldier who is waiting in the borders of India and protecting from Chinese atrocities on India. Pawan Kalyan is as proud as the sword of Chhatrapati Shivaji who always fought for his people. Pawan is also as proud as an Indian flag which raised to the sky by lowering down the British flag back in those times when India was under British rule. Lastly Ganesh says Pawan has an attitude of Ambedkar’s hand which wrote Indian constitution.

His high-pitched praise of Pawan Kalyan reflects the devotion and admiration he has for the star, and it also confirms that no one comes close to him in impressing the power star’s fans.His speech looks comical and farcical for the general audiences but Pawan’s fans, it was the echo of their feelings.

Pawan Kalyan is an addiction and we can’t leave him for life once we are habituated to him. As usual undoubtedly Ganesh delivered his trademark hilarious yet powerful speech.

Pawan Kalyan was seen laughing and enjoying all throughout Ganesh’s speech and he commented “Manam Bandla Ganesh la matladalemu” when he came on the stage.

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