Fahadh Faasil conquering 2021?

The National Award-winning actor Fahadh Faasil is a treat to watch on the screen for cine lovers across the country. Even so, after the lockdown, as there was a nationwide fandom that rose to Malayalam cinema due to the OTT platforms. Movie lovers across the country took note of the most original and simple portrayal of humans and their emotions in Malayalam cinema.

One who has watched Fahadh Faasil in movies like Super Deluxe, Kumbalangi Nights, Njan Prakashan, Mahesinte Prathikaram, Trance has got to admire the brilliance in his screen presence. His eyes do most of the talking, leaving very little for the remaining entire body parts to do. Last year we got to see him in only one movie i.e. C U Soon. You can read the entire review here. Today, let's look at his upcoming slurry of releases in 2021. His releases cover Netflix, Amazon Prime, Theatrical, and a Pan Indian film. All Fahadh fans are to get ready for a bloody brilliant year for the actor. Here is the list

  1. IRUL - April 2nd Netflix release

Apart from Fahadh, Irul stars 2 of the most incredible actors from Malayalam cinema. Soubin Shahir and Darshana Rajendran. Darshana became an instant favorite for me after seeing her performance in C U Soon. Soubin has been giving great performances from Kumbalangi Nights, Android Kunjappan, Vikruthi, Sudani from Nigeria, and many more. Put the 3 of them in a crime thriller with ghost-like events happening in the same house, you just can't contain your excitement to watch it. A cat and mouse game ensues as a stranded couple gets stuck with an unknown man in a strange house. The movie is directed by Naseef Yusuf. Watch the trailer below

2. JOJI - April 7th Amazon Prime Release

While the recently dropped Joji teaser directed by Dileesh Pothan offers nothing in terms of its plot or what the story is about, IMDB description states that it is the journey of an engineering dropout to become rich on his own, but all world turns topsy turvy when an unexpected event takes place. Keeping that aside, Fahadh looks very lean almost bordering on malnourishment. He is the youngest son of the family and maybe it was done to make him look younger. But what comes out of the pond attached to his fish hook? We have to wait until April 7th, 2021. Watch the trailer below

3. Malik - TBD Theatrical release

Malik seems to be the journey of Sulaiman from his early days of rags to being a very powerful politician that the opponents have to kill in order to get a land. The trailer looks intense and Fahadh's character from his early days seems to be a bit more interesting. The film is being directed by Mahesh Narayanan who also made C U Soon with Fahadh. The duo was talking about Malik being a big theatrical film due to which they didn't want it to release it on OTT and did another movie especially for OTT. The film is yet o get a theatrical release date. Watch the trailer below.

4. Pushpa - Aug 13th Worldwide Theatrical release

While every project of Fahadh is exciting, Pushpa is a different kind of excitement. Mainly because he is doing the role of an antagonist in a completely mainstream Pan India Telugu original film. He is going to lock horns with Stylish Star Allu Arjun who also enjoys a very good fan base in Kerala. This combination was nothing less than a shock and dream come true as fans of both the actors went into a frenzy after this announcement was made recently. Pushpaa as mentioned by the movie unit is set in the backdrop of Sandalwood smuggling in the deep interiors of forests. The film is being directed by Sukumar and is slated to release on Aug 13th, 2021. Will have to wait for the teaser and trailers to drop to get a hint of what kind of character is Fahadh playing. Watch the official announcement video below

Fahadh Faasil is truly an award winning performer with his portrayal of any character and in every sense. It is a dream for many directors and actors to work alongside him for once. This year with 4 of his films releasing, we can just sit back and enjoy his performances.

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