Family Man 3 - Crazy fan theories & anticipated plot points

Family Man 2 was brilliant and we only wanted more of it. We have written a detailed analysis of the Season 2 which you can read here - Family Man Season 2

The ending of Season 2 got us thinking as to what could be the crazy duo of Raj & DK along with writer Suman have in mind for Season 3. So, we sat together and discussed some crazy theories and possible plot points that could be there in Season 3 going forward.

Raj & DK mentioned that they haven't started writing the script yet. Hope they get some new ideas from these crazy theories.

1. Threat from China

This is the most obvious one that all of us can guess because of the final scene after Raji's threat to the Indian PM and Srilankan President is neutralised by taking down a plane full of C4 at the runway itself. The question we need to ask here is Why China? and the answer is the most obvious.

Didn't get it? Let me explain.

The entire season 2 progresses because the Srilankan President Rupatunga accepts Indian PM's deal of a completely low interest long term loan no strings attached to aid in the construction of port in Southern Sri Lanka. The other deal on the table for President Rupatunga was that of the Chinese. The Chinese have already funded the construction of port in Northern Sri Lanka and now want to fund even the port in Southern region.

This way they could get their power over Sri Lanka and also become strong enough force and try to control the waters of Indian Ocean, Indian government perceives this as a potential threat. Rejecting the Chinese deal by Sri Lanka's will be perceived by the Chinese government as an act of gaining dominance of Indian Government.

I am sure that the Chinese government will be involved in this attack on India not directly but in the shadows. Keeping them in the shadows and giving them hidden motives will create more drama than a direct attack.

2. Why The Northeast?

Here is where we start going crazy. I do not think this was just a one off attack planned by the Chinese after the Raji incident. In my theory, I believe that China has been planning an attack on India for long. The best plan of attack would be to infiltrate India from all sides and wreak havoc.

How are they planning this? Just try to visualise the Indian Map once.

We are covered with Pakistan on one side, China is the most powerful country on the other side, then we have a huge coastal area and Sri Lanka with Indian Ocean in between. China has a consistent record of supporting Pakistan. Pakistan's military depends heavily on Chinese armaments, and joint projects of both economic and militaristic importance are ongoing. China has even supplied blueprints to support Pakistan's nuclear program. So in a nut shell, China has Pakistan as a controllable ally.

They wanted to convert Sri Lanka as well into a controllable ally by funding them economically so that they can rally support of Sri Lanka and use its port for shipping arms or even Chinese soldiers when they wage a war against India. This did not happen completely as the Indian government barricaded their plan by funding the port in the Northern region.

So, now the possible entry points for Chinese are the Jammu & Kashmir belt and the North east states belt. The Jammu & Kashmir belt is already on continuous fight with Pakistan. Hence, North east becomes a better option for the Chinese to infiltrate and start putting their plan into action.

Chinese could have sped up their plan of attack to attach through North East because their plans of acquiring Northern Sri Lanka have failed.

3. Who will support whom?

With Moosa and Sajid gone, Major Sameer has to find new allies to join hands and attack India. In the second season we were given a hint that France and UK were ready to support the Sri Lankan Tamil Rebels by removing their Government in Exile status. With Bhaskaran, Subbu and Raji gone, Deepan who believes in peace and dialogue will have to rally support from some more countries. Sri Lanka has been equally funded by Indian and the Chinese.

Major Sameer doesn't believe in Deepan and will have to join hands with Chinese to plan this attack. This way Major Sameer also gets support from Pakistan government as well which he did not in the first season. China and Pakistan with Major Sameer as the liaison seems to be a probable thread. Sri Lanka will be torn between India and Chinese due to its situation. Sri Lankan Tamil rebels led by Deepan need support from France and UK.

The importance of China to UK economy as a trading partner has increased since 2004. The French Chinese relationship was raised to the level of Global Strategic partnership in 2004. The French and UK maintain a cordial relationship with Indian government as well. I am guessing that they will support the Chinese and USA will support Indian government on this because remember Season 1 when we handed over one most wanted criminal to the US. The interesting thing is what Sri Lanka does, Sri Lanka with hidden motives may change sides suddenly in the end and the whole situation will turn topsy turvy.

4. Kareem Bhat's incident

The Kareem Bhat's incident is still left as an open thread. 2 hints from Season 2. One, being the fact that Kareems girl friend stating that she will file a case in the court for getting justice for Kareem. Second one, the media guy who chases Srikant asking about this incident.

Media attention, terrorism, and a court case against the Indian government is a brilliant flame that can be ignited and carried throughout Season 3. If the court case gets enough publicity and goes viral across the country, more failures of Orion Chemicals will also surface and the entire country will be against TASC. TASC might get suspended as an organisation and Srikant Tiwari's team becomes powerless exactly when the Chinese attack is at the peak of exploding.

That will be a nerve wrecking situation to come out from. The advocate fighting this case for Kareem Bhat will be a character to look out for. (Prakash Raj might be perfect! Just putting it out there)

5. Srikant and his family

His daughter looks at him as a hero now and Suchi also wants to come clean with Srikant on what happened in Lonavla. Suchi and Arvind are even going to London for a business presentation. I guess that could be the moment when both of them finally give up their past and move ahead in life without guilt. After that Suchi might come clean with Srikant and Srikant goes berserk.

That will be one hell of a personal relationship trauma to have when TASC is getting suspended and India is being attacked from all sides. Dhriti will transform for the better now and be much more careful, next season might have Atharv as a major thread to watch for.

6. Srikant and his team

In my opinion JK will never be killed because the writers have labelled him Cockroach which can survive even a nuclear holocaust. JK and Srikant are some scenes that we always look forward to for fun & family. So, he will be not killed till the last season of family man.

But with Milind gone, Zoya can come back into the team in this new fight against the Chinese. Definitely, we will have the TASC of North East regions to combine forces fighting the attack. Also expecting some light hearted humorous scenes involving momos and how all people over there look similar and the cold climatic conditions and also how loving they are, how physically fit they are and how they have been waiting for proper representation of them as a community across the country.

All these facets will be brought out and presented in a balanced manner by the writing team.

7. What is the attack?

In the first season, they surprised us by keeping the nature of the attack and the antagonist secret till they end. In the second season we knew what was going to happen and who was going to do it but the tension was created as to how the attack will happen.

We are done with chemical weaponry and explosives. What will be the nature of attack in Season 3 and who will be the face of it is an interesting discussion to have? There are 2 options that cropped in my mind. The first one being the bio war (Corona Virus pandemic!) and the second one is cyber war. The reason for cyber war is that China has closed systems and do not operate the online services like the rest of the world operated on. They have Baidu instead of Google, We chat instead of WhatsApp, Weibo instead of Facebook, Alibaba instead of Amazon.

These closed systems will ensure that we cannot attack easily on their cyber infrastructure as much as they can with our cyber infrastructure which is basically the same across most of the world. If Cyber war is the plan of attack then the tech guy from Srikant's team will have more screen time and probably even a character arc which he was not given in the first 2 seasons.

8. Fantasy

The fantasy that I will look forward to be would that JK finally finds his soulmate in the North east and they both get married.

Seasons may come and go but Chellam Sir OP always!

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