Vishwak Sen Hit – Inches away from the bulls eye

20 min into the main plot of the movie, when the hero and his sidekick start interrogations to list down the suspects in the missing girl case, my friend who was watching the movie along with me took an educated guess as to who the culprit would be. Let me tell you honestly, I too was thinking of the same character as the culprit because it was too evident and the director dropped too many hints early on. And we weren’t proved otherwise by the director in the end.

Now, in a thriller movie where the hero is trying to unravel a mystery for a solid 150 min, there is a high chance you might lose the audience if they unravel it in the first 30 min itself. Now, this is where the director and his script must shine to keep us hooked.

And I feel that the debut director has done a pretty good job. Scenes establishing the hero's intelligence and sagacity were particularly well shot and ingenious. They were clinical, thorough and riveting.

Though, the director didn’t waste time getting into the plot, he did so in moving the plot ahead. The screenplay maintained an eerily slow pace for most parts which worked well at places but is a major minus.

Some character arcs aren’t justified in terms of either their motives or the way they were left hanging at the end. The biggest disappointment however is the climax. It was hard to believe that the same director who wrote the hero's introductory scenes himself wrote the climax. It lacked a strong motive, and could be guessed easily.

But the major highlights for this movie are Vishwak Sen's riveting performance as the cop suffering from P.T.S.D. and the terrific background score by Vivek Sagar. Though only a few movies old, he showed maturity in his acting. The background score was ominous, impending and mysterious in just the right amounts.

The camera work is brilliant and the production values are top notch. The Dl, the lighting, the costumes, and the set design complemented well to bring alive the frames with suspenseful vibrancy.

Go and give it a watch to kill your time and spend your quarantine with a movie that had immense potential, but is definitely a good first attempt.

The movie is available on Amazon Prime Video.

P.S – When you reach the interval, guess the culprit and send us your answers on the website. Let’s see if you get it right and we’ll treat you with something.

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