Hunters: A lot of freshness, yet...

When Al Pacino is part of a television series. It just pulls you. I became a fan of his after watching The Godfather(1972) and Insomnia(2002). However, when I read about Hunters, I wasn't that convinced to watch it as it talked about saving the world and stuff. Now, whenever I read stuff like "Watch now to find out how he (generally some man/woman with some superhuman or supernatural qualities) saves the world".

After I read about it further, I was interested. It is still about saving the world - with a difference. This series is about a group of Jews who prevent the Nazis from creating a Fourth Reich (a hypothetical future Nazi Reich that succeeds Hitler's, Third Reich)... And save the world.

It is a great premise. More than the plot and the narrative, I liked the behind the scenes - thanks to the X-Ray feature in Amazon Prime - and the painstaking research that the team did to get this series close to reality, commercially viable and yet entertaining. Just a peek into how much they put into research, think of this - The highest number assigned to a prisoner at Auschwitz was 202499. All prisoners and survivors on "Hunters" have numbers that are slightly higher, ensuring that no real person's number is used. To add to this, one of the main characters Logan Lerman (who plays Jonah Heidelbaum) is actually a Jew and his grandmother was a survivor of the Holocaust. Nerd Alert!!

Moving on, I didn't like the narrative as much. The screenplay of the series is like any other thriller. There is a beginning that leads to a high (a murder, or an important discovery mostly) and an investigation ensues mostly in revenge. There is also a parallel plot about the Operation Paperclip(a secret program of the Joint Intelligence Objectives Agency (JIOA) in which more than 1600 German scientists, engineers, and technicians) and of course, these two plots meet each other at a point. They have got their research and the homework done. As narrators, they haven't succeeded as much in translating that research into an interesting screenplay.

To conclude, the series is a good start for the first time thriller watchers! But for the fans and connoisseurs, this is an interesting but cliched one.

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