Kappela movie review: Refreshing tale with stellar preformances...

Director - Muhammad Mustafa

Actors - Anna Ben, Sreenath Basi, Roshan Mathew

Language - Malayalam

Streaming on Netflix

Set in the high hills of Western Ghats, Jessy (Anna Ben) and family are introduced to us as just like any middle class Malayali Christian family . Jessy has the luxury of owning a phone. (Not even a smart phone). The family feeds off the money earned by Jessy's mother, who earns by tailoring ladies' clothes. Once, in an attempt to contact a customer, Jessy dials a wrong digit at the end and that number connects her to the auto-driver Vishnu (Roshan Matthew). Though Jessy tries to cut the contact with him, Vishnu keeps pinging and calling. Jessy, though tries to resist at first, ultimately falls for Vishnu and a beautiful relationship develops over phone. Meanwhile, the village rich man Benny has a long lasting crush on Jessy and tries to approach her parents and talk for a possible alliance. Under such circumstances, Jessy and Vishnu decide to meet up in Kozhikode and chart their action plan for the future. What happens when Jessy goes to Kozhikode? Could she meet Vishnu? What Roy (Sreenath Bhasi) has to do with all this? Watch the movie and find out.

Performance Report: Anna Ben! (I still can't forget her performance in Kumbalangi Nights!) What a stunning performance!!! Though this is her 4th film, she pulls off another stellar performance like a seasoned actress. She outshines other seasoned performers and steals the show. Roshan Matthew too puts up a wonderful performance and looked quite handsome throughout the film. Sreenath Bhasi suited his role well and manages to bring a little ruggedness to his role. All other supporting cast pulled off fine performances.

Technical Report: I am very impressed with the crispness of this movie. The runtime is just less than 2 hours and everything is neatly wrapped up (Thought the climax appears little hastened). Kudos to the editing department for that. Songs by Sushin Shyam are soothing and BGM is of top-notch quality. Cinematography by Jimshi Khalid is stunning, especially the shots of Poovarmala are breathtaking! I was impressed by the introduction shot! All other departments did a fine job.

Critical Analysis: Not all that glitters is gold! I am not going to elaborate much on this statement and spoil you fun of watching the movie. (We @CelluloidTales are committed to provide you with spoiler-free reviews...). This movie revolves around a relevant issue in the society. It also questions the aspect of women safety and the kind of organized crime that runs right under the nose of our society. Though the climax seems to be a bit hurried up, it did help the cause to keep the script tight. The movie also conveys a point that appearance of a man may not justify his character. I sort of liked the climax twist though it was little predictable. Over all it is worth a watch. Do grab a tub of ACT-II popcorn, a coke and watch it on Netflix.

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