Khandani Shafakana - The Review

The movie is "Khaandaani Shafakhaana" which literally translates to Familial fertility clinic. The film makers have got the first step of their marketing strategy right with such a bold topic. Still, there must be more than a title in a movie to get people watch it. Thus, the next step is trailer and cast. The trailer is a hilarious one and Sonakshi Sinha definitely is a show stopper with her acting in just the trailer.

This time I will not get into the details of the technical aspects of the film.  I will rather talk about the impact it had on me and my opinion about the core of the film.

The movie is primarily about sex and fertility related issues. Let us face it people, we might claim be very bold, cool and all of that, but even now we do cringe to talk about sex or sex-related topics in public.  We get all the more patriarchal and chauvinistic when we see or get to know that a woman talks about these topics.  The result is we label her to be "that kind of a girl" questioning her character and family.  It is high-time that films like this make us understand that sex is not a taboo to talk about and talking about it won't make anybody characterless.

The movie is about a Punjabi girl from a conservative background and society running a fertility clinic. Which means it talks about the difficulty that the girl faces and the mindsets that people have when it comes to "sensitive" topics like these. 

The whole movie is based on, "It is not wrong to talk about sex in public." It is towards the fag end of the movie that this message is conveyed explicitly. A character says, "What greater victory does the girl need? She has already won... In the past half an hour or so all of us have been talking about sex and have had an open minded discussion on it!"  That is the essence of the movie.

This movie made me think, "Why do we hesitate to talk about sex? Why is it still a hush-hush topic? Why do we think that talking about it also should be done within the four walls just like the act? Why don't we understand that sex is not something unnatural or abnormal?"

To the whys I have an answer. 

We have so many inhibitions about talking about sex in the public solely because of the kind of upbringing that we have here. I am sure most of the readers will be with me when I say that we have been told to close our eyes when a kissing scene comes while watching a movie with our parents. Our biology teachers, would not encourage doubts while teaching us about the reproductive system (not all but a majority of them). 

I strongly believe that till the time we learn not to associate talking about sex to the act itself we will not be able to talk freely about it.  There is also this shift in the mindset that has to come in our society which shames the women who talk about sex and glorifies men when they cut double entendres. As long as there is this chauvinism women can't be free. And as long as there is double standards there won't be freedom speech in its truest sense and form.

How can we get rid of this mentality? Well, movies like this is one way. When strong messages are sent through movies like this, mentality does change as we are suckers for entertainment but also are sensible enough to understand the spirit of entertainment.

Therefore, Let's talk! Talk about sex, fertility issues, inabilities and insecurities unabashedly and don't judge people who do.  It is us who can take the society to great heights of inclusivity and non-judgmentality.

No more to pen guys...

Till the next time it is your flibbertigibbet signing off...


This post is written by Ganapathy P.

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