#LateReview: Thimmarusu Movie Review: A tight, slick flick with minimum non-sense and good impact.

Recent movies in TFI seem to set a trend. When a strong story, tight screenplay and talented actors put together, it makes a perfect recipe for a blockbuster. Mathu Vadalara, Hit are two examples that can be quoted here. Nothing fancy in there, just the basics done right. Ya, I get you, Mathu Vadalara is in a different league altogether, but just to give you a fair idea of how the trend has been set. This trend is observed even in the remakes. Rather than relying on star film remakes, movies with strong content are being remade into various languages. Thimmarusu is also one such remake, from a Sandalwood original Birbal Triology: Case I.

Going into plot, in the wee hours of April 3rd 2011, after the night MSD smashed the ball out of the park and team India lifted the world cup, A police informer/cab driver Aravind's life is also forced out of this world by an unknown murderer. An innocent bar tender Vasu, who was hit by the escaping murderer on a bike, finds the dead body and informs the police, playing a responsible citizen. Soon, responsibility turns into a tragedy, as officer Bhupathi Raju rubs the crime on his face and arrests him. Court rules Vasu guilty and punishes him with a life sentence in jail. After eight years of jail sentence, Vasu comes out on parole.

Cut here and let us now look at the life of lawyer Ramachandra, who is freshly appointed into Rao Associates, a reputed legal firm which starts free legal services for people who cannot afford it. It is also the place where his fiancée Anu is employed currently. Accidentally, he is assigned to Vasu's case. according to the case, the cab company sues Vasu to pay compensation for Aravind's life. It looks like a simple Right to Indemnity case on the outside, till Vasu narrates the truth to Ram. Intrigued by the story and fueled by his hunger to do the right thing, Ram pleads the jury to re-open the murder case, as he finds clues that might prove Vasu innocent. Even as this happens lawyer Varaha Murthy warns Ram to be careful with this case, as it might have implications beyond Ram's control. Like any protagonist, Ram is up for the challenge and goes ahead by digging deep into the available leads. This is when things get interesting. Like a jackal's food is swooped out by a vulture in the last minute(or like the Vulture from Brooklyn Nine-Nine), all the leads being pursued by Ram are swooped out right from his hands by few unknown people, leaving a big void for Ram to pursue. Even as Ram finally manages to find the last witness and talks him into giving a statement in the court, Officer Bhupathi Raju swoops in and arrests the witness in some re-opened case. Here is where the movie literally turns into a chess match, taken forward by the clever moves of Ram, even cleverly encountered by an unknown antagonist. Don't worry, no loose ends are left at the end of the narrative, as everything fits into place like a puzzle.

Present day audience have become quite picky, thanks to the advent of OTT. If the movie doesn't get us hooked in the initial few minutes or lags mid-way, there is no hesitation in skipping the whole movie and start watching something else. In that aspect, Thimmarusu did well to get me hooked in the first few minutes itself. I seldom felt a lag while watching the movie. While the dialogues are penned very well, the screenplay is also done right. The narrative is explained layer by layer, like the peeling of an onion. The plot-twists are revealed at right junctures in a way that makes sense. My only complaint is the absence of a strong climax. I did feel irritated at one point, where a clue was right in front my eyes and the so called genius lawyer took another 5 minutes to find it. Before the final reveal, one could also sort of guess as to who could be the actual antagonist. Cinematic liberties are taken for granted in few scenes. In a scene, Ram appears in a matter of seconds after receiving a SOS message from the client! Given the scenario, this would be impossible even if Ram was in the adjacent building. Other than few quirks like this, Thimmarusu makes a good watch.

Talking about performances, Satyadev delivers and he does so with a flair. The depth in his voice and his stoic looks add a lot of gravitas to the Ramachandra character. Chaitanya Rao Madadi delivers an honest performance in the given short screen-time. Priyanka Jawalkar is more of a colleague than a fiancée and she does well in her limited scope. There were no unnecessary romantic numbers and that kind of helps that narrative to maintain its pace. Bramhaji gets a full length role and he does justice to that. Ravi Babu and Ajay are aptly cast. Praveen gets a role with negative shades for the first time and he did well. Music department did a good job to deliver few good songs and well augmented BGM. Cinematographer should get few brownie points for making the movie look slick. Kudos to the editing department for keeping the run time just around 2 hours. All other departments did well to make Thimmarusu a good watch.

Is it good? Yes it is good. Is it recommended? Yes, it is recommended. Was I happy after watching this? Hmm, may be a no, because it left me wanting for more! Grab few things to munch and watch it right away! And do let us know what you have felt after watching it.

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