Loki (EP 3) : Lamentis

This review contains spoilers for Episode 2 of Loki.

So, Loki has slipped out of Mobius' grasp and followed Lady Loki (Sophia Di Martino). Oh wait, she doesn't like to be called that. Let's call her Sylvie, as she prefers.

Sylvie breaks into TVA in search of The Timekeepers and to kill them.(Now we understand why she stole all those Temp-Pad's). However, like Loki before her, she understands that her magic does not work here. Renslayer then engages both of them in combat but Loki tele-ports them to another planet.

This planet is Lamentis and the year is 2077. Oh, also, Lamentis is dying. It is another apocalyptic event that Sylvie knows about but it one where no one survives. So she is obviously mad at Loki. To make matters worse, the Temp-Pad which Loki steals from her is out of juice and they need to find a charging station ASAP. And the nearest charging station is aboard the Ark that will be leaving Lamentis soon.

So they strike up a friendship of convenience, the type when two bounty hunters are behind the same prize. They talk about their past. Sylvie knew she was adopted and Loki is shocked at it. Loki remembers her mother as "decent" while Sylvie barely remembers her at all.

Marvel also does its bit for Pride as we get to know that Loki is bisexual. The manner of this is also very normal and organic. Then they obviously talk about their magic. Sylvie taught herself. Loki says his mother taught him.

Is it only me, or did any of you think that Sylvie could actually be Frigga, Loki's mother? The placement of each other's dialogues about their mothers and magic cuts too close for comfort. You could say, Loki is the God of Mischief and Gods are born, not made. Well, Loki himself said that he LEARNT magic and his mother taught him. You could counter saying if Sylvie is Loki's mother, she too would be able to perform the magic that Loki is doing. Well, it would do us good to remember that Frigga too is a Goddess and she would have lived for many years. She could have learnt whatever she taught Loki over the years before Odin found him.

Also, when Sylvie says she learnt Enchanting on her own, we see Loki is impressed. The Loki who is generally dismissive of things, is actually impressed. And we know that Loki will be even more careful of this frenemy who has earned his respect.

The banter, a MCU staple, is good. Especially the one where Loki compares Love to a knife. There is never a boring moment with the action, their antics and obviously their opening up to each other. In being one of the shorter episodes, you could feel shortchanged with the episode being really good. Maybe that is the only the LAMENT-worthy reason of this episode.

The reveal at the end hints at something fundamentally wrong. How will Loki and Sylvie keep themselves in the game? Wait till next Wednesday to find out.

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