Loki Ep 5: Journey of Mystery

This article contains spoilers for Episode 4.

Welcome to the Loki-Verse. Technically, it's the Void but as is mentioned in the episode, you throw a stone here, it would hit a Loki. But wait, what's the Void? Well, the Void is where every entity pruned finds a place. In much simpler terms, it is the dustbin of the TVA.

The Void is the place where Loki lands. Lokis' abound here - Loki, the kid Loki, the Boastful Loki, the Alligator Loki. And apparently, the damn animal knows it is a Loki too. Loki is given a tour of the Void and the others tell him that there is a being called Alioth that eats up whatever is pruned.

At the TVA, Sylvie prunes herself to escape the MinuteMen and she too lands in the Void. She feels it is better than being put in a time loop with a good memory. The rest of the episode is how they try and fight this beast called Alioth for Sylvie feels it is like a guard dog to something more sinister.

This is a racy episode with action and banter all around. One of the best moments has to be Loki and Sylvie and sitting together and revealing their feelings for each other. And Loki says, "We'll figure it out together." If they figure it out, I fear, it could be the end too. The charm, the backstabbing, the sophisticated smugness and the insufferable attitude which we all fell in love with will be replaced by earnestness, vulnerability and sensitivity. No doubt it will be great and the arc will be superb, but then it could be end of the road for this character.

Finally, this episode is like a peek into one of our minds, or more specifically, an introvert's. You finding love, solace and hope in yourself. And this helping you to surpass the obstacles thrown at you. Sometimes, we ourselves are left surprised by the strength and resilience we exhibit. In the climactic sequence, when Sylvie is left spellbound, Loki says, "We are stronger than we realize". At this time when everyone is reeling under the pandemic, it would do us a world of good to remember them and derive strength from it.

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