Loki (EP 6) : For All Time.Always.

This episode contains spoilers for Episode 5 of the MCU series Loki.

Ok, let me get this out of my system first; Loki Season 2 is coming (Fist bumps in the air, all around). So we will see Sylvie, Loki, Mobius, Ravona, B-15 returning next season. Oh, and also, it pretty much confirms that Dr. Strange will be part of this Multiverse of Madness. (Pun totally intended!)

Loki and Sylvie cross the Void and enter the Citadel End of Time. We are then introduced to the latest villain; unimaginatively named as He Who Remains. But like Alioth for the Citadel, He Who Remains, or rather the name, is a perfect smokescreen for someone more sinister. And now that we are talking about smokescreens, it would be also prudent to mention that this smokescreen is a recurring theme in the series. The TVA, Alioth, He Who Remains. On the surface they make everything look rosy but dig a bit and you will find the proverbial can of worms. Rather like a guy's cupboard in a hostel.

Both Loki and Sylvie seek answers regarding the TVA, Sylvie especially. Miss Minutes asks them to reconsider and bribes them with what both of them have always wanted - Asgard for Loki and peace for Sylvie. True to their arc, they consider it and reject her offer. And thus they are introduced to He Who Remains (Jonathan Majors).Meanwhile Mobius turns up at the TVA and has a showdown with Renslayer, who still believes in the TVA. She has set guards after B-15, who then leads one guard to the time where Rensalyer was a school teacher.

Back to He Who Remains. He is not the villain we expect, but the villain we need. Simply put, Jonathan Majors is superb. Slick and smooth talking, he is a highly scary villain. For you know that beneath all that apparent palliness, is a another villain with a twisted sense of purpose.

The tender moments between Loki and Sylvie, the reunion of Ravona and Mobius, HWR, and the nail biting cliffhanger are the best moments in this episode. On a much more "universal" note, the Phase 4 of the MCU has gotten underway superbly with Wanda Vision, The Falcon and the Winter Soldier and Loki. Fingers crossed for more. Peace out.

P.S - If you have come this far, a big thank you. Episodic review is something new which we tried out and hope you enjoyed it as much as us in doing it.

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