Lucifer Season 5 B - Character Round Up

This article contains spoilers for Lucifer Season 5B. If you have not watched it, watch it and then come back.

The wait was finally over on May 28, when the second half of the 5th season of Lucifer released. I and my friends were eagerly waiting to see the charming, suave, devilishly wacky Lucifer- played with such panache by Tom Ellis - back on the screen. While the trailer was a treat to watch, the series was a so-so ride.

To paraphrase the show, it's about a feud between two brothers - Michael and Lucifer - and how the feud affects everyone else.

This time the makers of the show seem to have concentrated more on giving screen time to each character - with Dr Linda Martin getting one of the biggest increases in screen time and dialogues. A whole episode was dedicated to her and the goings-on of her life.

One of the most satisfying character arcs was that of Mazikeen; the demon who loathed to show her emotions and go about killing and torturing souls with glee turned into a woman who loved, who cried and most importantly, who became an independent woman.

A character who absolutely deserved a better ending was Daniel Espinoza. I felt that the way they closed his character didn't really show how important he was to the series.

There's just one wish that I have. I really hope that they develop the character of Ella Lopez, the visibly bubbly forensic scientist, more in the coming season. Traces of the character development were shown when she talks to God and Dr Linda Martin about the overwhelming darkness within her, and how she experiences a sense of disconnect from others.

This show was all about how everyone deserves a second chance, however bad they might be. Let's see how.

Dr Linda Martin - She got a second chance at meeting her first daughter, the one whose investigation she helped in.

Michael - With all his scheming plans to become God, he was spared from death by Lucifer, even though he had hurt Chloe.

Mazikeen - She couldn't bear the thought of being in love with someone who would be vulnerable to death and so distanced herself from Eve. But then she too got a second chance, a chance to understand that it's the death and vulnerability of our loved ones that give meaning to our lives.

Charlotte Richards - Previously, she left this dimension and universe without giving her son Amenadiel a chance to say goodbye. But in this season, she comes back and they get to say their goodbyes.

Lucifer - The angel Samael who was exiled from heaven to hell for instigating a rebellion against his father (God), got a second chance from God himself, a chance to redeem himself and live up to his name which means the Light Bringer. A chance to become God.

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