Oh Baby Review: This Baby has it All!!

To say that Samantha is in the best phase of her acting career would be a sheer understatement. Her last few movies, Mahanati, U Turn, Majili and now Oh! Baby introduce us to an actress who is at the top of her game. Oh! Baby is a remake, but the acting powerhouse that Samantha is, you couldn’t for your life imagine someone else in her place.

With respect to the story, it is how a 70 something Baby(Lakshmi who is a delight to watch) becomes her 25 year old self with the characteristics of her 70 year old self intact. Lakshmi nails the role of a regular grand mother, i.e. a supposedly nagging mother-in-law, doting grandmother with all her eccentricities to the T. Her scenes with (Chanti) Dr. Rajendra Prasad, are an absolute treat to watch.

For remakes to work, the script and dialogues have to connect with the viewers, and this is one aspect which the scriptwriters got it absolutely right. The dialogues leave you in splits and during the emotional scenes they tug at your heart. The production values are top notch, which is no surprise given it is Suresh Productions. Mickey J Meyer's music and songs are easy on the ears and hummable. 

Naga Shaurya as Vikram and the young Baby’s lover does a decent job. Urvashi and the actor playing Chanti’s daughter are also good. In such a stellar cast, the weakest link is Rocky, Baby’s grandson. But then the actor will only improve with time. 

Coming back to Samantha, just by seeing her on the screen, you know that she is having the time of her life. I’ve a heard a lot of people saying Nayanthara is the Lady Superstar, but for me it’s Samantha. Very rarely you find actors who can lord over Rao Ramesh and this speaks volumes about her acting capabilities. At this point of time, it would be a crime to not speak about Chinmayi. Her voice is sheer magic. She and Sam have got to be the best partnership ever.

A movie is considered successful when it has a high re-watch value and Oh! Baby surely deserves to be seen more than once. Don’t miss this Baby.

The review is written by Pranay Sarepaka.

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