Mathu Vadalara review - Glued to the screens, tied to your seats

Content driven movies are slowly but steadily making inroads into TFI. And as an ardent movie lover, I deem it my humble duty to surface the brilliance of these movies in public domain. Only when these films get greater visibility will more no of people watch them, the producers will make more money, instills trust in the new age movie makers, more technicians get chances, fresh blood keeps flowing in the Industry, and it remains alive, vibrant and upto date.

Now, let’s just dive deep into the brilliance of this movie on a count of 1-10.

1 gated community

2 flats

3 lead roles

4 plot twists

5 rules of serving customers that gets them into trouble

6 scenes of Ori Nakodaka serial

7 supporting artists

80 lakhs ka drug deal

9 debutant technicians - music director, DOP, editing, Production design, set design, sound & stunt department

10 straight minutes in the movie when Hero is present in the frame but doesn’t have a dialogue

I almost felt like Trivikram Srinivas Garu when I penned down the above 10 points and everything just fell in place.

The film is a beautiful ode to all the aspiring film makers. It proved that audience will definitely love and appreciate when an ordinary story unfolds in an extraordinary screenplay. It is a rare movie in which the screenplay and direction rule over every other craft of film making. True to the statement - You are the king of your script till you write it, but a slave once you complete writing it.

It is a masterfully shot film where every shot, every scene, and every single frame moves the plot forward. I was particularly blown away by the way in which the plot & conflict enter through the main door, twists & turns enter through your windows while hiding in the balcony all the while, suspense & subtleties sneak in through the exhaust zone, humour fills up the entire space through every small creak and crevice, and they best part of all. They manage to coexist in perfect harmony for the entire run time. This reminds me of the phrase orchestrated chaos, and that’s what the film is in it’s truest sense.

Some of my favourite shots/scene design from the movie include the hallucination scene, the shots that describe the life of a delivery boy from morning to evening, the WhatsApp group messages closeup shot, the trolley shot, the shots in the climax when they have all inhaled drugs. They are just too good and involve complex technicalities in them as shared by the crew themselves.

The makers have pulled off a herculean task of trying to sneak in crazy humour elements within a dark narrative that keeps the audience hooked, guessing the plot, and travel along with the characters.

You are left tied to the screens, and glued to seats for the entire run time.I don't think there is a better compliment than this for a content based movie. Hats Off.

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