Megastar Forever - How we fell in love with Chiranjeevi

The problem of having a long, glittering and distinguished career is that everyone claims you belong to their time. Having such a problem is an apt reflection of how many lives you have influenced. Take for example, Sachin Tendulkar. All his fans - 20 year olds, 30 year olds and 40 year olds - claim that he belongs to their time. And here we are about to talk of one such person who belongs to this same category - the one and only Mega Star Chiranjeevi. We are those 20-odd year olds who believe Chiranjeevi was ours. This is a tribute from us to the man who we fell in love with and whose exploits in the film world will remain immortal - just like his name. Happy Birthday Mega Star.


Back in my 2nd or 3rd standard, I was not introduced to Chiranjeevi, instead, Iwas introduced to Megastar Chiranjeevi. The first ever video of me watching Chiranjeevi onscreen was him dancing with grace and elegance to the famous song "Daayi Daayi Daama". That one visual instantly won me and I have been his fan ever since. It didn't take a complete movie, all it took was just one visual. I still didn't think that people were mad after him, but an incident in my childhood changed all that. It was the time when the movie Tagore was creating all-new industry records in the Telugu film industry. I was in my village in Atmakuru and had gone to buy some bajjis. I saw a small poster on one of the walls of those shops that read, "Join ACF". Now, the abbreviation ACF had become a part of all movie buffs and regular audience alike due to the movie Tagore. But the full form was completely different from what I had seen in the movie, it read 'Atmakuru Chiranjeevi Fans', and I was shocked to know that something like that even existed. Later when I checked out the entire market, all the walls were filled with these posters and a large rally was being conducted with flags and headbands and chants and dance and whatnot. Seeing such a following surprised me like anything. And I did the most expected thing, joined the crowd and continued shouting 'Mega Star Mega Star'. Since then, whenever I see him on screen I automatically start cheering.

- Sai Kumar M.


"Mega Star Chiranjeevi" - These three words are enough to whip up almost every Telagite into a frenzy. Such is the love, respect and adoration he commands from the people of Andhra Pradesh and Telangana, next only to Senior NTR. Back in the 90's and 00's if a survey was done on everyone's favourite actor, Chiranjeevi would win it without breaking a sweat. And you bet, my vote would have also contributed towards it. I became Chiranjeevi's fan because my mother was one. Talk about being a good child. So when the VCD copy of Indra released, a copy found its way to our home. If I'm not wrong, I have watched the movie more than 50 times now. I have lost count of the number of times I have kissed the earth and felt the blood course through my veins. This was just because Chiranjeevi did it in Indra. Chiranjeevi's acting, the fights, the movies he was part of and obviously, the dance moves all contributed towards this Mega Star status. Another Chiranjeevi memory is of going for a second show for Tagore along with my grandfather in 2nd standard. You can understand my madness for him. Oh yes, on his birthday recently, I watched Indra again. My eyes didn't leave the screen at all and I was again that 6 year old kid marvelling at the phenomenon Chiranjeevi is. That's what Chiranjeevi does to you, takes you back in time and makes you relive the good times. For that, I'll always love you Megastaarrrrrrrrr.

- Pranay (The Dollfingers)


I think it was during my 4th grade, that for the first time I was going to watch a movie on the first day. Till then I had never known that. The volume at which his fans were cheering for him, it could tear my eardrums apart. And the movie was Shankardada MBBS. I couldn't resist whistling during the movie. It was spectacular to watch a hero showcasing multiple emotions, or rather living the emotions. I literally wanted to become a doctor after that. Then I started learning about Megastar. You wouldn't believe I watched almost 10 films of his on first day and all were hits. Thus began a watching spree and I watched almost all of his films in theatres. One movie that hit me really hard, and changed my thought process was Stalin. Stalin - Help 3 people and ask them to help 3 more people and so on each became my motto. I literally spread this motto across text messages which was the only form of social media back then. I felt proud in sharing erasers and sharpeners and asked my friends to help 3 more people, just like the way I did😁. Ultimately, Chiranjeevi is a prominent actor who has dominated TFI for over four decades with his acting and dancing capabilities.

- Nikhil Krishna M.


"Veera Shankar Reddy! Mokke kada ani peekesthe, peeka kostha!"

These words still resonate in my ears, whenever I would think of our dearest Megastar. Indra was probably the first Megastar movie I watched in theatre. I can still remember the energetic audience cheering in theatre for this movie, be it for this dialogue, or the famous Veena step from Dai Dai Damma song, or the swift and delightful dance for Bham Bham Bole song, there was barely a moment where you could hear only the movie audio, for there was a whistle worthy moment every 5 mins. Going forward in time, came Shankar Dada M.B.B.S. This was the first movie which I watched twice in theatre. Be it a mass masala movie like Indra, or a message oriented movie like Shankar Dada, the swag and energy of Megastar was only rising and rising and rising! I cannot deny the fact that even as a 6th class child, I still felt the pinch when Chiranjeevi declared that he would quit cinema and move on to politics. Though I didn't use the exact words; my thoughts were "Who else would fill his boots?", "Who else would dance like a charm?", "Who else would have a chaste and pure diction like him?". Well the answer is NONE! Luckily for us, he himself has come back to fill the void he created, and hence the legacy continues....

- Arun Sai


I'm a Tamil guy. My knowledge of cinema of other industries has been very limited. Thanks to my father's job, I got introduced to Hindi cinema at a very young age - as early as 6 years. I remember watching the film Lagaan in theatre and the only scene I remember is the way different villagers are selected for the cricket team. Since then, I have been cut off from even Tamil cinema. Coming to Tamil Nadu in the year 2007 I got re-introduced to the South Indian cinema industry. Beyond Rajini, Kamal, Mammootty and Mohanlal, the only other two south Indian cinema celebrities that I have always heard since then are Nagarjuna and Chiranjeevi. Though I have watched countable films of Nagarjuna I hadn't watched Chiranjeevi acting till I completed my 12th grade. It was after our board exams that we went to one of our friend's house to watch the film Magadheera. There I saw. That's when I realised why all my Telugu friends (especially the aspiring dancers like Sai Kumar) drooled over Chiranjeevi. In Magadheera Chiranjeevi dances the same sequence as Ram Charan. Man... I couldn't take my eyes off him! Having dabbled in dance myself, I was completely floored with the grace and utter non chalance in which he pulled off those complex moves with unimaginable ease! After that whenever I have searched for the best dancers in the film industry (mind you, this is all over India) Chiranjeevi has always been in the top 10! This is just a glimpse into his tremendous dancing prowess. Unfortunately, I haven't been able to watch his films so far. However with the others already mentioning his acting legacy I can't wait to watch his films. Happy Birthday Mega Star! Loads of love from the neighbour!!!

- Ganapathy P


Konidela Shiva Shankara Vara Prasad, better known as Mega Star Chiranjeevi. There are many heroes in the industry having their own unique talent(s). But very few have all the skills and be considered an all-rounder, like Chiranjeevi. For me, the epithet "MEGA STAR" itself describes the outstanding talent Chiranjeevi has. For sure, none can match his grace. He has been an inspiration to many current and upcoming artistes as well. Even at this age, his grace and charm still remain intact. Megastar, you will forever be an inspiration for many people.

- Praveen Kumar Reddy G


Thank you for all the beautiful memories, Megastar. Here's to wishing you more love, respect and happiness.

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