Mirzapur Season 2 Review: Same old gory bloodshed, albeit with a political touch and forced humour.

Title: Mirzapur (Season 2)

Release Date and Platform: 23-10-2020, Amazon prime Video

Cast: Pankaj Tripathi, Ali Faizal, Rajesh Tailang, Rasika Dugal, Isha Talwar, Dibyendu… and co.

Directed by: Gurmeet Singh and Mihir Desai

Rating: 3.0/5

Well, here it is, one of the most anticipated Hindi series of the year. It comes out stronger, bolder, and funnier (Yes! you read it right!) than the previous season. Without wasting time let’s find out what is on the platter for us.

Season 1 Synopsis (can be skipped if you have already watched Season 1):

Guddu (Ali Faizal) Bablu (Vikrant Messy) and Dimpy are the children of Pandit (Rajesh Tailang), a lawyer in the Mirzapur High Court. Akhandanand Tripathi a.k.a Kaleen Bhaiyya (Pankaj) and Munna (Dibyendu) are the ‘Bahubalis’ of Mirzapur, who are well into desi guns and opium trade. Munna falls in love with Sweety (Shriya Pingolkar), while she is smitten with Guddu. Munna threatens the Pandit family in their home and the Pandit brothers beat him up black and blue. Enraged Munna goes to his father. Kaleen Bhaiyya summons the Pandit brothers to their home and Instead of punishing them, he offers them a job. This further infuriates Munna. Soon, the pandit brothers turn-around the sluggish business of Kaleen Bhaiyya and earn them huge profits. Munna finds it difficult to digest their raise through the ranks but keeps quiet on the advice of his father. Guddu marries Sweety while Bablu has smitten with her sister Golu a.k.a Gajagamini Gupta (Swetha Tripathi). Meanwhile, enter J.P. Yadav, cabinet minister and Rati Shankar Shukla. Shukla's share an age-old rivalry with the Tripathi’s and Rati Shankar is hungry for Mirzapur throne. Amidst all this chaos, Enter Maurya, IPS officer specially appointed to clean up the mess that Mirzapur became. Now Guddu marries Sweety, and Kaleen Bhaiyya is made to believe that Guddu and Bablu were the ones to attempted to kill him (which was planned by Munna). They also kill Rathi Shankar Shukla without intimating Kaleen Bhaiyya. Now, Kaleen Bhaiyya assigns Munna with the task of assassinating the Pandit brothers, as the season 1 ends in blood-filled Nikkah function in Gorakhpur, in which Bablu, Sweety and the Nextgen pandit (in the womb of Sweety) are killed brutally. Golu, Guddu and Dimpy survive this massacre by a narrow margin. Now it is all about how Guddu and Golu manage to avenge the death of their family members and take the Throne of Mirzapur, even while Sharad Shukla (Son of Rathi Shankar Shukla) competes for the same.

Season 2:

After blood-filled Season 1 climax, one would expect season 2 to be much more violent and full of bloodthirst. Interestingly, it takes a U-turn from the traditional path and introduces a political twist to this action-filled tale. Result: Neither of the niches was covered, leaving Season 2 a grandly-made mess. Not that it is totally bad, but if you adore Season 1 for its action sequences, profanity and violence, Season 2 will leave you wanting for more. The story picks up right from where it was left in Season 1, as Guddu is being nursed back to health, while Golu and Dimpy stand guard. Munna tries to threaten Sharad for the throne of Juanpur, and the result would turn out to be something unexpected. Meanwhile, Beena (Rasika Dugal) becomes pregnant, and she says to three different people that it is their child that she is carrying. As elections are around the corner, the Tripathi's strategically play their cards, eyeing for maximum benefit. Munna gets closer and closer to Madhuri Yadav (Isha Talwar), the daughter of Chief Minister. Now, who is Robin? Why does he always keep talking about his mother? Who is his mother? (Let me give it to you, you won’t get this even after you watch this season…) Who are the Tyagis? What is their business in all of this? Whose child is in the womb of Rasika Dugal? Who wins the UP elections, and how long do they sustain their power? What dirty politics are being played by various people, just to gain access to the ‘CM Gaddi’? Finally, were the contenders for Mirzapur Throne successful in throwing the Tripathi's out of power? Watch and find out.

Analysis and Performance Report:

Mirzapur: Season 2 comes with its own set of clichés. Some moments might also make you frustrated. I was personally not convinced with the whole storyline of the Tyagis. That full storyline seemed like it was force-fit into the story just to evoke few laughs. The romantic connection between Shabnam and Guddu looked quite unnatural. However, the saving Grace was Munna’s character arc. The chemistry between Munna and Madhuri was just amazing. We see a softer and more humane version of Munna even as we start to discover the darker shades in Guddu and Golu. May be, Season 2 was all about that contrast and the fact that good and bad are just relative terms. The climax comes across quite bland after all the spiced up drama that Mirzapur has been. Though it is not official, the story suggests that Season 3 is in the offing.

Coming to performances, no words for Pankaj Tripathi! He is one of the best in the business and he continues to be, as he nails his character as the Big Tripathi. If someone can let their eyes talk volumes, it should be him and only him in the industry. Dibyendu as Munna gets a refreshing twist and he is pretty believable. Swetha Tripathi and Ali Faizal do just fine and so does Rasika Dugal. Oh! And not to forget, Rajesh Tailang and Seeba Chaddha get into the skin of their roles and deliver excellent performance as a couple. (They did so well in Season 1, that they were cast again as a couple in Bandish Bandits too). Rest of the cast did justice to their roles.

Coming to other departments, The art team deserves applause for selecting the right locations and making Season 2 more beautiful. The Royal Havelis remind us of the Rich Indian Legacy. Writing department did a fine job except for the Tyagis connect. Even if the whole Tyagi family sequences were edited, it doesn’t make any differences to the narrative. Editing should have been more tight with their scissors. The runtime could have been chopped down by an entire episode, to be made more crisp and palatable.

Final Verdict:

Season 2 might serve Mirzapur fans well, but might come as a bitter pill to swallow for others. Watch it if you have nine and half hours to spare and a stomach that doesn’t throw up upon the encounter of bloodshed.

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