Power Star Pawan Kalyan – Leader First, Actor Next

26 years in the Telugu Film Industry.

25 Movies till date.

9 movies with an IMDB rating of 7.0 and above

These stats seem pretty ordinary.

But hold on, let us look at these now.

65+ Million tweets on his Common DP for his birthday. Apparently, a world record on Twitter for the most tweeted birthday CDP.

One of his movies finds a place in the top 10 highest-grossing films of TFI, even after more than half of it was leaked before its release.

He is one of the top 5 most followed actors in South India.

His limited filmography does not justify these mind-blowing achievements.

Then how come Konidela Pawan Kalyan, better known as “Power Star” occupy such an exalted position among the Telugu audience?

What makes him so different and so special in spite of his movies and not because of them? Let us find out.

1. Simplicity

“Pawan Sir is a very down to earth person.” You will probably hear this statement from every co-actor who has worked with the Power Star. He is a humble person who never lets success or failure define who he is. This is evident in his behaviour and the respect he gives to people irrespective of their status and position.

The director of the smash hit Gabbar Singh, Harish Shankar, wanted Kalyan to give an interview after the massive success of the movie. Kalyan, the humble person he is, declined the request. Harish did not give up; he continued to pester him. Pawan’s answer to Harish’s request was pure gold. He said, “When success is visible, why should we be visible?”

That defines Kalyan’s character and attitude towards the results of his work. In his own words, he says, “Do your duty and Disappear.” No wonder this simplicity and detachment from results won many hearts.

2. An Epitome of Empathy

Pawan’s heart craves for the betterment of people and society. He goes to any extent to help the people in need. There are various instances where he went into financial troubles because of his extravagant donations. He always wishes the best for people around him.

After the movie Johny, Kalyan, wasn’t faring well in the industry compared to other heroes. During this time, a relative of Kalyan went to him and said that he needed to pick up as other heroes could overtake him and gain better results. To this, Kalyan said, “Life gives everybody an equal chance. I am not a person who feels insecure because others are doing well. I wish the best for everyone. Everyone should do well”.

Insecurity can haunt people in the film industry. But here is a person who wishes that everyone should succeed, and that the industry should do well.

3. Lack of Fear

Anyone would have noticed this if they have ever seen Pawan speaking on issues of human rights and social injustice. He doesn’t fear anything when he knows he is right and is fighting for a cause that he believes in.

4. Person of Character

Have you ever seen Pawan Kalyan in any of the commercial Ads? If yes, it was almost ten years back.

He was endorsing Pepsi back then. There arose a controversy on Pepsi being injurious to health. At that time, he cancelled the endorsement even if it meant a loss of crores of rupees as endorsement fees. This was his last endorsement to date.

When asked why he was not endorsing any brands, he said, “My conscience does not permit to do so. I do not feel right to promote something I don’t use.” I am not sure how many would let go of crores of rupees to choose the right path.

This is just one such incident that highlights the character of Power Star.

Irrespective of the situation or function, whenever the name Power Star is called out on the P.A., it elicits a thunderous roar from the audience.

Yes, his mannerisms and style are unique compared to others. But the reason behind the love he receives is not just his acting skills. It is because of all the beautiful qualities he possesses as a human being.

To conclude,

He may not be the most flexible and graceful dancer but is very responsive to the problems of the people.

He may not have the most engaging dialogue delivery, but keeps every promise he delivers.

He may not have the strongest physique, but has the guts and courage to fight even if the odds are against him.

Pawan Kalyan may not be the best hero inside the four walls of a theatre, but he is a real hero outside the reel world, a hero where it actually matters.

From millions of Pawan Kalyan fans, who all echo the same feeling, here are our heartfelt birthday wishes to this living legend:

Happy birthday ‘Senani’.

P.S - This is a guest post by one of our readers, T Ranga Sai, on his favourite hero and one of his role models.

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