Quarantine Pack 3 - Tamil movies for non-Tamil speaking cinelovers

Corona Virus has been a boon in disguise. At least to me personally. Apart from the occasional rants I would have to hear - from my relatives about the lack of stuff at home and myself about the boredom, this work from home period has been quite a cozy time for me. Naturally, I get to watch a lot. A lot of videos about cinema, cinema insights, movies, web-series, reviews, songs and what not. To share my joy here I have come up with the Quarantine pack of Tamil movies for the non-Tamil speaking cine-family.

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The genre is thriller as this in itself is a language and is understood by all languages. Here we go:

1. Thegidi:

What would you do if your first job after graduation turns out to be a sham? Add to that a series of

murders in the city. A perfect recipe for a thriller film isn't it? Watch it on hotstar and find out more.

2. 8 Thottakkal:

An honest police newbie loses his official pistol loaded with 8 bullets. He is given a 24 hours to find the pistol if he wants the job. Meanwhile, in the city, people die because of the bullets from the same gun in the city and there is a bank robbery that has happened. Would the policeman get the pistol before its empty? Will the robber get caught? Watch this movie to find out. It is available on Amazon Prime Video.

3. Dhuruvangal Padhinaru:

In what can be termed as one of the best debuts of the decade, this brilliantly crafted movie is about a cop thirsty for knowledge and later on revenge. With an extremely tight screenplay, the film has no moment where the lack of songs is felt. Watch this movie on Amazon Prime Video.

Here is a trivia quiz for you people. There is a similarity (with a clue ) among all these three movies. If you can get it right, mail us at celluloidtales.com and you would earn a reward.

Until next, time folks. Happy watching!

Stay home, Stay safe.

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