Quarantine Pack 4

Before I start off, I want to thank everyone of those 100+ readers who read my previous article. This is the first time I crossed 100+ readership on my article! Thank you folks! This article has come up after there were requests on the kind of movies to watch from the world of Tamil cinema. So, here we go.

One last announcement before we go to the list. The answer to the question in the previous post is: All the movies in the list is a debut for the respective director.

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Let's jump right into the list without any further ado: 1. Kaithi:

A newly released convict who is going to meet his daughter after years, a cat-and-mouse chase between a drug mafia gang and the police, a newly transferred constable to the city where a famous drug-lord has been jailed, a truck, a group of college students are the characters of this mind-boggling thriller. With Karthi (of Theeran fame), as the lead cast what do you get? A blockbuster with a killer of a narration and a tight script. Watch this blockbuster and challenge me if I am wrong. This is available on Hotstar.

2. Comali:

What would happen if a man wakes up after 16 years of coma and finds everything about the world has changed? Starting from the kind of love to Rajinikanth coming into politics? Watch this laughter riot and let us know your experience.

3. Ratchasan:

This movie is one of the best movies of the last decade and definitely one of the best psycho-killer movies ever in Indian cinema. Gibran's chilling background score and the brilliant script would make you go berserk and celebrate this film. Go right away and watch this beauty on Hotstar.

4. Naduvula Konjam Pakkatha Kaanom:

Of all the real-life stories adapted on-screen how many have made us laugh? Watch this movie where a man forgets a part of his life after playing a game of cricket (What!!??). To add to the mayhem he is to be married the next day! Watch this extremely funny movie that has pearls about friendship and life sprinkled all across the whole length of its running time! This film is available on YouTube

5. Otha Seruppu Size 7:

From the experimental director, Radhakrishnan Parthiban comes this masterpiece of a movie. This is definitely a bold attempt and has been rightly rewarded by critics and cine-goers alike. The whole story revolves around (quite literally) a man suspected of murder. Watch this brilliant beauty on Netflix.

6. Naanum Rowdy Thaan:

The last decade can be easily called Vijay Sethupathi's decade. Here is another hit from Makkal Selvan. A boy wants to become a goon when he grows up. Does he achieve this goal? Watch this movie to find out. This movie is available on Sun NXT

Here is the list guys! Please watch these movies and share your views in the chat icon that you see below! Happy watching folks! Stay home, stay safe!

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