Revisiting Classics: Rhythm - Simplicity and beauty can go hand in hand!

Director Vasanth who shot to fame with his debut movie itself (Keladi Kanmani - 1990) handled the issues of second marriage as early as in the year 2000. Mind you, second marriage was a taboo topic then. The movie Rhythm, though not a commercial blockbuster, has always remained close to the heart of the public and critics alike. No wonder, the director himself keeps this movie close to his heart. The story is about two characters - Karthikeyan (played by Arjun Sarja) and Chitra (played by Meena) who have been widowed by the same train accident. I would not give away any more of the movie as it is a must watch for everyone. Let's move on.

The movie is brilliant for many reasons. The soulful numbers by AR Rehman, the brilliant lyrics of Vairamuthu (Each song talks about each of the five elements viz. earth, fire, water, sky and air), the soothing-to-the-eyes cinematography by PS Vinod, the sharp dialogues and most importantly the brilliant acting by the kid named Shiva. Nagesh and Manivannan bring their doses of humor too.

What I like about the movie the most are the way the rapport builds between Shiva and Karthikeyan the initial subtle friction (metaphorical only) between Chitra and Kartrhikeyan and the point where Shiva can't shut up about Karthik uncle!

The director deftly handles caste issues, second marriage and love for a widow very carefully at the same time with the elan that is very rare to find. Generally, such topics hit the audience as a bolt. Not in this one. Director Vasanth proves his mettle in shattering all the negativity and taboo around these issues the way a breeze makes a water droplet fall off a leaf.

The soundtrack of the movie is definitely a treat for the ears and the cinematography (especially in Kaatre en vaasal vanthai and Nadhiye nadhiye songs) one to the eyes.

Since it is a beautiful movie about taboo issues filmed with simplicity that doesn't dumb things down, it is a must watch. It is available in YouTube. Please watch it and share your view people!

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