Sarileru Neekevvaru - Out And Out Mass Entertainer

Before anything else, the performances of the lead cast, hero elevations, top notch editing, cinematography, visualization of the Mind Block song and Anil Ravipudi, all these can take a mass bow.

There is a dialogue in the movie, in which Prakash Raj tells – “The Nallamalla Forest is no municipality park that he (Mahesh) will return safely”. To which Vijay Shanti retorts, “Mahesh Babu is not a tourist either, he is a hunter”. This is apt considering the way Mahesh is prowling the Telugu Film Industry in the last few years. A few experimental flops are par for the course, but then his movies have been the biggest box office blockbusters in the respective years of their release.

And Sarileru Neekevvaru, a complete mass masala commercial Telugu film with ample elevations and a potent blend of comedy, emotion, and patriotism is a perfect Sankranti entertainer. His fans were waiting for the Mahesh they saw in Khaleja and Dookudu and boy, did they get it!! To say it was a feast for his fans would be an understatement.

Anil Ravipudi's comedy may seem a little over the top for some, but the way families and fans lapped up the comedy in F2 is too strong a signal to ignore. Quirky mannerisms, repetition of phrases, and exaggerated body movements are his trademark techniques used to evoke smiles at times, and laughter mostly.

I am from Kurnool and I deem it a privilege to speak about the beautiful yet massy chemistry shared by Mahesh, Prakash Raj and the Konda Reddy Buruju(Fort). Scenes involving Prakash Raj's villainism, the interval block, and the hero elevation scenes in front of the fort is stuff fans dream of. The Konda Reddy Buruju is a majestic structure that works like a magnifying glass. Completely unbiased, and true to its majesty. It elevates both heroism and villainism with equal intensity.

The “Mind Block” song will go down in TFI as one of the most memorable mass number that is a visual extravaganza for fans and regular audiences alike. Mahesh's styling and dance moves bring the house down and lest we forget,it was great to see Rashmika elevated to the level of a star heroine who acted without restraint, danced without inhibition, and entertained the audience with aplomb.

The power in the presence of Vijayshanthi Garu on screen is clearly evident. Rajendra Prasad’s comic timing, Sangeetha’s comeback, Vennela Kishore’s sarcasm, and the talented Rao Ramesh do complete justice to their roles.

Any film comes with its own set of flaws. Things like the treatment of a soldier like Rajendra Prasad, Satyadev not being utilized effectively, and the deviation from the main plot in the 2nd half could’ve been thought through better. But Mahesh Babu overpowers them with ease.

Bottomline - Anil Ravipudi succeeds in bringing back the massy and expressive Mahesh that we all love. And that is reason enough to go and watch it in theatres.

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