How SS Rajamouli directs a scene? Ft.Bheem Intro from RRR

In this article we try to understand how the director SS Rajamouli is establishing the character, foreshadowing journeys, conveying themes and a lot more.


01 What does it establish?

The character of Bheem is a reflection of water. This is why we are introduced to Bheem's reflection in water before original physical Bheem.

02 About the Character?

His attack strategy is disguise & bait. That's how he plans to capture the Wolf. A beautiful foreshadow of how he disguises himself as a Muslim, baits and puts himself in danger multiple times to plan an attack on British to rescue Malli.

03 About his Journey?

Lots of tiny obstacles & a big obstacle. He didn't expect a Tiger while catching the Wolf. Similarly, he didn't expect Ram while trying to rescue Malli. Like rope snapping, entry into the fort etc. are the smaller obstacles. Again a thoughtful resemblance of his upcoming journey.

04 About his Personality?

He is strong enough to fight anyone that comes in his way. But the beauty of Bheem's personality is that he doesn't consider them as an enemy. That's why he apologizes to the Tiger after capturing it. Similarly he apologizes to Ram when he breaks him out of the Prison.

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